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By Priyanka Roy Who is your favourite magician? Tell us why at t2@abpmail.com
  • Published 10.07.10

After anchoring Missing on Sony a few years ago, Jackie Shroff has returned to television as a judge on India’s Magic Star (Saturday-Sunday 8pm on STAR One), a show that seeks to crown India’s biggest magician. A t2 chat with Jaggu dada

Why a magic show?

I love magic. Ever since I was a kid, magic has always fascinated me. I remember when I was about 10 years old, I used to walk a kilometre and a half every Sunday from the slum where I used to live to Chowpatty to watch a magician called Charlie Jadugar. Uske tricks bahut basic aur amateurish hote thhey, but we kids used to think he was the best jadugar in the world! So when I was asked to judge Magic, I agreed almost immediately. In the middle of so many song and dance talent shows, it’s refreshing to see someone come up with a different concept. Also, the production house (The Right Picture) are the same people behind the popular Dance India Dance and they are known to be extremely professional.

What will you be doing on the show?

I am going to be one of the judges on India’s Magic Star. Everyone in this world wants some magic in their lives. It may be in the form of a good news or good health or happiness. Through this show, I will try and attempt to bring some magic and happiness into the audience’s lives as well as into the lives of these magicians who will get a big platform to showcase their talent. All I can guarantee is that agar Jackie show pe ho, toh audience ko badaa mazaa aayega!

How easy or difficult is it to have a magic show on television?

See, a lot of people in the audience may think that we will indulge in camera tricks, but I can assure you that everything that you see on India’s Magic Star will be for real. All the magicians on the show are trained talents who have proved their mettle already. You will see a lot of mind-boggling stuff on the show. Like someone pulling out a coin from his ear, another taking out a piece of paper from his stomach!

What are the factors that you will keep in mind while judging the show?

I am not a magician, so I really don’t know the technicalities of the craft. I will watch and try and connect with a particular act as a member of the audience. Any trick that will enthrall me and shock me, will get points. That apart, I will also see the dedication and honesty of a particular magician. If he is honest to his craft, he will get the nod from me.

Any magicians that you admire?

Well, I have seen P.C. Sorcar’s shows. He is pretty amazing. But my favourite will always be Charlie Jadugar!

Do you know any magic tricks yourself?

Well, I can make a coin pass through glass. Don’t ask me how. A true magician never reveals the tricks of the trade (laughs)!

Any magical power that you wish you had?

I want the power to eradicate poverty and disease from the world and to spread happiness among everyone. On a lighter note, I want the power to make some people disappear, but I am not going to tell you their names!