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Orry confesses to being ‘inconsiderate social climber’ during school days in his YouTube vlog

The social media influencer, who appeared on Koffee with Karan Season 8 last year, made a trip to his alma mater in Kodaikanal in his latest vlog

Agnivo Niyogi Calcutta Published 25.05.24, 11:47 AM
Orry (right) took his childhood bestie Shariekh (left) along on the trip to Kodaikanal

Orry (right) took his childhood bestie Shariekh (left) along on the trip to Kodaikanal Instagram

Social media influencer Orhan Awatramani, popularly known as Orry, recently confessed in his YouTube vlog that he had been an “inconsiderate social climber”, comparing himself to Regina George, a character portrayed by Rachel McAdmas in 2004’s Mean Girls.

Orry also admitted to keeping a “burn book” and revealed that he would fabricate gossip about himself to ensure there was always something being said about him. He also shared a memorable moment when his favourite teacher labelled him a “pretender”, a nickname that quickly caught on among his peers.


In his latest vlog episode, the social media celebrity took a trip down memory lane during a tour of his alma mater in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, where he spent a significant portion of his childhood in a boarding school.

Orry and his childhood pal Shariekh embarked on this adventure together, which kicked off with a comical mishap as the duo missed their train. Undeterred by this setback, they opted for a flight to Bangalore, followed by a train ride to Kodaikanal. Along the way, they encountered eager fans at every turn.

Upon reaching Kodaikanal, Orry treated fans to an exclusive tour of their alma mater, Kodaikanal International School, reminiscing about old memories and forging new ones along the way.

Orry first gained public attention through his frequent appearances with Bollywood celebrities such as Karan Johar, Janhvi Kapoor, Ananya Panday and Nysa Devgn at various parties. His mysterious profession has often been a topic of speculation. He famously appeared on Koffee With Karan Season 8 last year and said, “I live therefore I am a liver.” The comment instantly became the inspiration behind a lot of memes on the internet.

Earlier this year, Orry joined Karan Johar’s celebrity management venture Dharma Cornerstone Agency.

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