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On Batman Day today, Jatin Varma traces the enduring appeal of The Dark Knight

For more than 80 years, the Dark Knight has captivated the hearts and minds of more than five generations

Jatin Varma Published 16.09.23, 12:35 PM
September 16 is globally celebrated as Batman Day

September 16 is globally celebrated as Batman Day

For more than 80 years, the Dark Knight has captivated the hearts and minds of more than five generations. Whether it’s a stack of your siblings’ old comic books, watching countless reruns of popular Batman TV shows or the many movie adaptations, this iconic character has something that separates him from the rest — something that makes them our favourite superhero. But what makes Batman so successful? In a world full of heavenly powers, interstellar storylines and crazy abilities, what makes Batman, a mere man with no superpowers, so successful?



Simply put, Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s creation is about much more than just the man. We love the adventures of Bruce Wayne because his entire world is so compelling. His origins, intentions, intellect and his billionaire status make him a relatable and, at times, aspirational character. Batman relies on his intellect, physical prowess and a vast array of gadgets to combat crime. This unique approach to heroism has forged a profound connection with fans globally, turning Batman into an enduring symbol of hope and justice and giving rise to a worldwide Batman phenomenon.

Often referred to as a Caped Crusader, a Vigilante, the Bat of Gotham or the Dark Knight, the character has been embedded so much into our collective culture that we see or experience his exploits in some form or the other every day. So much so that many of us have a distinct tale of our initial encounter with Batman. My own introduction to Batman was through the pages of a comic book. As I dug deeper into the narrative, I found myself irresistibly drawn into the intricacy of Gotham City and Batman. The dark and brooding ambience of the setting, the complexity of its characters and Batman’s unwavering commitment to justice left an indelible mark on my imagination. It marked the beginning of an enduring affection for the Dark Knight, and that moment of discovery remains my fondest memory.


Today is Batman Day, a date that fans eagerly mark on their calendars each year. The event is nothing short of a festival where fans, collectors, artists and others come together to celebrate the world of Batman. Brands team up with DC Comics to craft exclusive merchandise, organise exciting events and create a sense of celebration around the Dark Knight.

Jatin Varma, founder, Comic Con India

Jatin Varma, founder, Comic Con India

Furthermore, in the world of cinema, a delightful tradition of Batman-themed special screenings and movie marathons, like Christopher Nolan’s epic Dark Knight trilogy, has become an annual treat. These events aren’t just for die-hard fans, they’re open to everyone, inviting newcomers to step into the mesmerising world of Gotham City. But it doesn’t stop at the movies. India’s bustling market for Batman merchandise and collectables is a haven for fans of all ages. Whether you are into action figures, official apparel, or even accessories, you will find them all, often with special discounts that make it even more enticing to grab a piece of the Dark Knight’s world to call your own. It’s a moment that truly highlights Batman’s enduring appeal and the significant cultural impact he has in India.


At Comic Con India, Batman fans of all ages passionately express their love for the Dark Knight through a diverse array of activities. We always have a large number of fans cosplay as Batman or related characters each year. Whether it’s the young or young at heart, donning intricate Batman costumes for cosplay competitions, collectors showcasing their prized archives, artists of varying ages exhibiting Batman-themed artwork, or attendees engaging in discussions about Batman’s rich history, the iconic character serves as a unifying source of enthusiasm.

The never-ending love of the ultimate vigilante serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of compassion. Despite the darkness in the world, Batman stands as a righteous symbol, fighting for justice and protecting the innocent. His dedication and selflessness inspire us to believe in the potential for good within ourselves and others. So let us all continue to celebrate and embrace the enduring love for our very own Caped Crusader, as it unites us in our shared admiration for a hero who represents the best of humanity.

The author is founder of Comic Con India


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