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  • Published 1.09.12

OF KIDS AND BY KIDS: There will be even more choice in the children’s viewing space with Discovery entering the domain with the eighth channel from its stable. Discovery Kids is targeted at the 4-11 age group.

“There are 370 million kids in the country under 14 years of age. We found that there is an opening in the market with all six-seven existing channels showing the same thing,” said Rahul Johri, senior vice-president and general manager, South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, at the launch of the channel in Calcutta.

The slots before lunch will be airing shows meant for pre-school kids while post-lunch programmes will be aired for school-going kids. “We will have a schedule offering a mix of adventure, history, nature, animation, science and mythology shows in a safe environment that parents can trust their kids in,” he promised.

“India is the third Asian country where Discovery Kids is being launched, after Philippines and Indonesia,” said Rajiv Bakshi, vice-president, marketing & communication, south Asia.

Of the 10 shows that have been announced, three have India-centric content — Kim, based on Rudyard Kipling’s novel set in 19th century India, Sally Bollywood, a 12-year-old who runs a detective agency inside school and whose character is influenced by Bollywood, and Howzzatt, a cricket-based animated series that helps children learn about the game.

Another show expected to do well is Dex Hamilton, who is a world-famous alien entomologist and wildlife adventurer. Slain wildlife expert Steve Irwin’s daughter Bindi (in picture) appears as a host with her own show.