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Nusraat Faria on Bujhina toh tai

'The main goal is to create Bangla pop music in a way that people haven’t heard before', says actor

Arindam Chatterjee Published 24.04.23, 10:47 AM
A moment from the video

A moment from the video

It's time to turn up the volume and hit the dance floor. After the huge success of Habibi, Nusraat Faria is back with Bujhina toh tai. Choreographed by Baba Yadav with Soumik Haldar as DoP, the music video for the song was shot in Thailand. Expressing her excitement for the release of the music video, Nusraat has called it her most ambitious project to date. This song marks the first collaboration of Mumzy Stranger with SVF Music and Nusraat Faria. Mumzy Stranger also expressed his enthusiasm for the release of their latest single, saying that the high-energy composition with an upbeat melody is perfect for lifting one's mood. Nusraat Faria's vocals, combined with Mumzy Stranger's rap, have created a chartbuster that covers a range of themes. The music video highlights the breathtaking natural beauty and varied landscapes of Thailand. A Telegraph chat with Nusraat...

Now that the video of Bujhina toh tai has dropped, what are your thoughts about the song?


I took almost a year to create this song because each of my songs speaks for one of those experiences that I have been through in my life. Out of that experience, there is a wish to create a scenario in the song. The main goal is to create Bangla pop music in a way that people haven’t heard before. I’m so excited... it is such a fun, different Bengali song.

How did the idea for this song come to you?

The idea of the song came to me almost one-and-a-half-year back. I wanted to give the song an international feel. It’s a unique and catchy tune and simple to groove on. SVF has a huge trust and faith in my creativity and they always believe that I am capable of doing something out of the box. The song is extremely rich, both in tune and lyric and in the soundscape. The full team worked very hard to create something unique, with the track being carefully crafted with heartfelt dedication. We are thrilled for the fans to experience the music and the emotional journey. This project is my most ambitious to date.

What is the song about?

The song is about the confusion of a girl about whether she wants to fall in love again or not... or are you sure about this person because your heart got broken many times in the past, so this time you are really afraid to fall in love. This song is actually from a neutral perspective... it could be about a boy or girl....

Why did you decide to collaborate with Mumzy Stranger?

Mumzy is an amazing artiste. He has so many big hits in Bollywood, in Punjabi music. It was a great opportunity for me to collaborate with an international artiste. I wanted to give the impression that we can make Bengali pop music in a different way.

How was your shooting experience for the music video?

It was super fun. There was a great team... Baba Yadav, I cannot thank you enough. I would explain my vision and tell him how I am feeling, and he would put it into pictures, exactly the way I had imagined it. The entire team at SVF helped me so, so much. They treat me like a princess.

Tell us about your different looks in the video.

My look was inspired by Coachella... one is a glam, party outfit while the other one is a swimsuit. It was a first for me. It was done in a way that people can create a style statement out of it. Also, I have highlighted my hair... I have worked on my body... I wanted to look more toned. My fave part is the tattoos in the song.

What are the high points of the song and music video?

The beats... we wanted to create a different kind of music, and the focus was on the lyrics and the composition... the video has come out so nice. We are very proud of it. I want people to enjoy and really groove to the song.

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