Man, woman & child

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By Picture by Sanjoy Chattopadhyaya
  • Published 20.09.11

From tomboy to would-be mom. From Maach Mishti... at Golf Gardens to Sandipan Roy’s Ekla Akash at NT1 Studios. Parno quickly switched gears — and garb — last Thursday.

For Ekla Akash, she has to move around with a baby bump. Her screen husband, played by Parambrata Chattopadhyay, gets drunk and breaks a glass, sparking off a squabble.

“I have a difficult role in this film. On the one hand, I am a wife and a pregnant woman and on the other, I am an actress who’s getting into a relationship with the director (Goutam Ghose) of her film,” Parno rattles off. Though she and Parambrata are working for the first time, Sandipan thinks they have great chemistry. “They look the part of a married couple. We are having a lot of fun on the sets,” says the director.

“The film begins with the souring of the husband-wife relationship. My character, Arijit, wants to climb the social ladder, which puts his marriage under strain. Nishi (Parno) has someone else in her life and Arijit too gets involved with another woman (Debleena Dutt),” adds Parambrata.