Last man standing

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By TT Bureau
  • Published 18.08.08
Varun and Vishal. Picture by Pradip Sanyal

Varun the GREEDY

Suitable boy: “I am an aimless guy. Before Roadies, I didn’t know what to do with life. Books were never good to me and vice versa,” says the 21-year-old DAV College graduate from Chandigarh. “My dream is to host Roadies.”

Ideal partner: “Not a cry baby. Someone who gives me space and is understanding. She also has to be tall, beautiful and intelligent, all the things I am not! That way she can take care of me.”

Show talk: “There can’t be a relationship in 20 days. But we can keep seeing each other after the show.”

The chosen one: Prianca for shows and Heena for a relationship. “Yes, I am a greedy boy.”

Gender war: 20 girls, one boy! “The opposite happens everywhere, right from college. Girls are on the high peak. Guys are getting dumped all the time. Here at least the real power is in our hands!”

Checkmate: “The contest is open now. Both of us know which of the girls like whom among us.”

Nastiest moment: The mudwrestling round between Bosky and Prianca. “The girls had a grudge against each other and they took it out in that round. It got so ugly that the referee had to step in.”

Moment OF shame: Dumping Hoorzan. “I regret it. She clearly liked me. But Vishal liked her too. So I had to eliminate her.”

Vishal the NEEDY

Suitable boy: Go, tell Papa, gals. This 23-year-old eligible bachelor is a trained commercial pilot! “After competing in Roadies 4, I left for a flying course in the US.” But before he could get a grip on the joystick, he got a call from the channel. “I know the future is not secure here. If I have no work after five years I can always…” Start flying? “Ah, yes,” the computer engineer hazards a sheepish smile. Comes from a business family in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. Father owns a jewellery showroom. “I could have joined the family business but I didn’t want stability.”

Ideal partner: “A girl who is loving and giving, who will cook for me if I am hungry, like my mother does.”

Show talk: Is love possible on camera? “Among 20 girls, there might be 10-12 who hate me. Others might be here for money or fame. But one or two girls can like me. It would have been better if there was no money involved, though. Now I cannot say for sure that they are fighting for me!”

The chosen one: Shradha. “She seems to be a genuine person. My family also likes her. I will have to find out if she is the same person after the show ends.”

Gender war: Is intense. “When the show started the two of us were relaxed as we were told two couples would be chosen. Then they said it would be one couple and the girl would choose the boy; there was such a devilish smile on the girls’ faces.”

Checkmate: Heena and Bianca (two of the remaining five girls) like Varun. “So Varun tried to dump Shradha, my favourite. He knew she’d choose me if she stayed till the end. I’ll take my revenge on his girls next.”

Nastiest moment: Was courtesy Yamini. “She was my online friend for two years. We met on the show. I didn’t like her but I still supported her as long as I could. After she left the show she called me not worthy to be her driver and said ‘Vishal is worse than a spotboy!’”

Moment of shame: Dumping Simran and telling her she looked boyish. “I couldn’t think of any other excuse. That was rude. Also one day, Yamini and Annie were singing and Hoorzan made fun of them. I yelled at Hoorzan for that during her elimination; shouldn’t have done that.”