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By Sneha Dutta Know of a para food stop that deserves to be featured? Tell
  • Published 12.11.12

In a quiet lane on Purna Das Road (off Gol Park) stands Kimli. Enter the 35-seater eatery and Oriental paintings, calendars and fiery red lanterns will take you straight to China.

The Special Chilli Duck at Kimli; (below) a view of the
Purna Das Road restaurant. Pictures by Rashbehari Das

Like the Chinese dragon’s meandering tail, the menu runs into seven pages, split into Soup, Rice, Noodles, Chicken, Lamb, Duck, Crab, Fish, Seafood, Veg, Spring Roll, Momo and Wanton sections. The Kimli special, however, is Chimney Soup — a clear soup with mushroom, chicken, prawn, fish and crab along with glass (silky) noodles.

“Chimney Soup is one of the fast movers. Many also like our Thai Soup, which is a bit spicy and thick,” says restaurant manager Bidyut Denra.

The portions will catch you by surprise. The medium Chimney Soup is enough to make four people happy. For college students from south Calcutta, that’s the best thing about Kimli. “The quantity is so much that most of the time we need to pack the food home,” says Debolina Sinha, a management student at ICFAI, who swears by their Crab Claws.

For starters, Red Pepper Chilli Garlic Chicken, chicken momos and wantons are the pop picks. From the main course, the Szechuan, Manchurian and Special Green Fried Rice (made with green sauce) can be teamed with Shredded Lamb, Special Chilli Duck or other crab, fish and chicken dishes. “Our duck preparations are popular as there are not many places around which serve duck,” says Denra.

Stop by on a weekend and you may have to join the queue — despite the additional 52 covers on the terrace that is thrown open! But the bite is worth the wait. “I visit Kimli frequently and I try something new everytime. Even if I come in a large group of 10, I don’t mind waiting outside to get my table as the food is great,” says Behala resident Linda Banerjee.

Have a day in hand? Place orders for Roast Duck, Roast Chicken and Fried Bekti in Cantonese Sauce.

Pocket pinch: A meal for two would cost around Rs 250.
Home delivery: Within 2km, only on weekdays.
t2 picks: Red Pepper Chilli Garlic Chicken, Chimney Soup and Special Chilli Duck.


What: Bhai Phonta special.

Where: Aaheli (The Peerless Inn and Axis Mall, Howrah).

When: November 15.

On the menu: Take your brother out for a traditional Bengali meal. The non-veg thali has signature dishes like Maachher Mathar Moong Dal, Chingrir Malai Curry and Borishali Ilish. Vegetarians can dig into Shukto, Laal Saag Bori Diye, Potoler Dorma, Mochar Ghonto and more. Wrap it up with Aamshatto Khejurer Chutney, Aampora Shorbot or Meghomoller. What’s more? Sisters can carry out the Bhai Phonta ritual in the restaurant itself and gift their brothers a complimentary Bhai-er Thali!

Pocket pinch: The thali is priced Rs 900 (plus taxes).