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Jersey dance outdid lungi dance at a United vs Liverpool screening!

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 9.09.13

“Go United!”

“We’ll Never Walk Alone!”

“Attack, attack!”

Around 180 supporters gathered for a live screening of this Premier League season’s first match between Manchester United and Liverpool last Sunday. The venue? Stephen Hall on Park Street which turned into a mini Anfield or Old Trafford with its cheers and whistles!

KICK-OFF: The entrance resembles nothing short of a stadium gate as the crowds pour in. At kick-off, the shouts become more intense and the cheers more deafening. The tension is tangible as supporters of both teams fill the hall.

Abhishek Basu was glorious even in defeat. Despite his team trailing by a goal, the MU supporter didn’t stop thumping an empty bottle as he cheered on!


“It doesn’t matter that we (Manchester United) did not win. Coming together to watch such a clash with so many supporters is as good as having a heart-to-heart,” said Tripti Das, a first-year student at Calcutta University.





4th MINUTE: Liverpool score! Striker Daniel Sturridge has the perfect birthday as he gently flicks a shot from Daniel Agger past United goalkeeper David de Gea. The United corner, shocked into silence, cannot believe the early blow from Liverpool. The Liverpool contingent, of course, goes wild.

HALF TIME: The two sets of supporters champion the true meaning of “sportsmanship” as Bengal KOP gives MUFC-Kolkata a memento.

2nd HALF: United brings on Nani and Chicharito. Despite occasional flashes, David Moyes’ men cannot get past Liverpool’s defence. Sniffing a famous victory, the Liverpool camp yells loud and louder.

FINAL WHISTLE: Madness, as Liverpool wins the game 1-0. Fans go berserk as they dance, stripping off their red jerseys and waving them in the air. Forget lungi dance, this is the jersey dance! Meanwhile, the disappointed United fans can do little but drown in discussions of team strategy for the next clash in March!

“I travelled 150km just to watch this match with fellow Liverpool fans, so the win feels much more than amazing. We were vocally outnumbered but we proved our worth on the field. Would have loved to watch Jerome Sinclair play and score though,” said Naveen Joseph, a fourth-year student at IIT Kharagpur.

Text: Saptarshi Dutta

Pictures: Sayantan Ghosh