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'It's a new sound'

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By Bappa Lahiri on how he's trying to deal with the Bappi hangover... SAIONEE CHAKRABORTY
  • Published 10.06.10
Prosenjit and Bappa Lahiri chat with Prabhat Roy at the Hangover music launch at The Park. Pictures by Aranya Sen

Following in his famous father’s footsteps, Bappa Lahiri is gearing up to make his mark in Tollywood with his brand of music. A t2 chat with Bappi Lahiri’s son at the audio launch of Prabhat Roy’s Hangover, starring Prosenjit.

You are debuting as a music director in Tollywood with Hangover...

Yes, this is my first Bengali film, finally. I’m very excited, obviously! Such a big banner (Rose Valley Group) with Bumbada (Prosenjit) and Prabhatda. All of them have worked with my dad and now I am working with them! It’s the third generation... my grandfather Aparesh Lahiri, Bappi Lahiri and now me. So, a lot of expectations!

How did Hangover happen to you?

It is a funny story. I was holidaying in Las Vegas about four-five months back when Bumbada called me. I was very surprised. He said, ‘I want you to do a Bengali movie’. I was shocked (laughs)! Dad really wanted me to do this film. Being a Bengali, I always wanted to do a Bengali film but couldn’t decide when. Since Bumbada insisted and he is like family, and also Prabhatda and Goutam Kundu of Rose Valley... it was the perfect platform. I loved the script. It was something I could relate to as a youngster. This is just the beginning but it was unplanned. My dad had some great hits and now it is my turn. I am enjoying it. It is fun to be in the Bengali industry!

What kind of a sound have you created?

Hangover is a fun film and comedies are very difficult to do. With this film, the music had to be really fast. There aren’t any soft numbers. My dad and Shaan have sung the title track and it’s picturised on Bumbada. Even I have done a bit of vocals in this song. That’s a first for me. My sister, Rima Lahiri, has sung Macho macho. In the Joy Bangla song, all the artistes of the Bengali film industry have come together. It’s like the Om Shanti Om song. We went the rock-ish way for this song. We recorded it with live drums and guitars.... Babulda (Supriyo) has sung a romantic number, Hariye jai. Sunidhi (Chauhan) and Zubeen (Garg) have done another romantic number, Made in India.... I have done the music my way. It is a new sound. I want Bengali music to play in clubs and become popular the way Punjabi and Sufi music has been.

How was it directing your father?

He had sung for me in Alibaug. He is a friend, not a dad, to me. He is very humble and sweet. He knows my style and he is my favourite. He brings that Bappi Lahiri touch.

The film’s leading ladies Sayantika and Subhra Kundu. Pictures by Aranya Sen

How much of a pressure is it being Bappi Lahiri’s son?

It is a lot of pressure. Sometimes people compare you with your father and that is wrong. Their time was different and we do it differently. I have just started working. There are a lot of advantages too and I am very proud of it. Any Indian would help me if I said my name. But I work hard and will work hard, and hopefully people will like it.

What are your upcoming releases?

I did Acid Factory and Apartment. My next release is in July. It is called Flat, a horror movie, directed by Hemant Madhukar and produced by Anjum Rizvi.... I have also done Potadar Kirtee (starring Rituparna Sengupta and Priyanshu Chatterjee) in Tollywood. It has very melodious, soft and romantic music.