• Published 15.10.17


Despite your responsibilities, do not overburden yourself or you could end up exhausted.

Professional: If you’re trying to bring changes on the work front, you’ll be seen as disruptive and controversial.

Love: There could be an unconventional situation which you would be required to explain to seniors.


Personal: This could be a good time to enjoy some quality time with your family.

Professional: Don’t try to start anything new. You’re not up to it and might mess things up.

Love: You’ll have a great time catching up with an old friend who was also a love interest.


Personal: Family members could say or do things to offend you and you’ll feel they’re deliberately trying to provoke you.

Professional: You could have a flood of brainwaves that might seem like daydreams to others. But consider them seriously.

Love: It is a favourable time for you when it comes to romance.


Personal: Give yourself time to meet others; you could meet someone significant.

Professional: If someone’s trying to get in your way, a confrontation might prove detrimental. So, play the game and make it a battle of wits.

Love: A busy social life with your partner will make you happier.


Personal: Your enthusiasm is magnetic now, drawing people towards you.

Professional: Do not feel guilty if you want to put unimportant tasks on hold.

Love: You will be feeling very low and less enthusiastic this week. So you may look forward to some drama with your partner.


Personal: A lot of situations will need your attention at home.

Professional: Seize the opportunity and reach out. Show your personality and skills to your best advantage.

Love: You are emotionally vulnerable right now and, if single, are likely to have a few admirers in attendance.


Personal: Take some time off and relax. A shopping spree could make you relook at things you never bothered with.

Professional: Avoid taking on too much as work seems to be piling up and could exhaust you.

Love: A lot of comfort and happiness can be derived from romance.


Personal: You will be feeling rather gregarious and going out socially will help you relax.

Professional: Your quick thinking will get you and your colleagues out of tough situations.

Love: It is rather a tense time for you on the romance front.


Personal: Your knowledge and intuition are about to earn you huge respect.

Professional: You don’t shy away from challenges. So colleagues will look to you to lead the way in times of turmoil.

Love: These are intensely emotional times and you’d gain by sharing your feelings with your love.


Personal: Catch up with old  friends, make new ones and connect with powerful people.

Professional: It is time to decide whether your efforts are bearing fruit or a change of tactics is required.

Love: You will have no patience and will find your partner being argumentative and belligerent.


Personal: Say the unpleasant things that you have to before it’s too late.

Professional: You are pretty savvy financially and might find a way to get your finances back on track.

Love: Before you make a commitment in a relationship take the advice of well-wishers and don’t be upset by their disapproval.


Personal: You’re in a positive state of mind and can turn any situation around.

Professional: Though this is a time of action more than thought, you could get some inspirational ideas.

Love: If your relationship is in a mess, divert attention to less controversial matters and things will settle down.