HEIGHT OF FESTIVITY — CenturyPly Felfie WITH 91.9 Friends FM TAKES OFF

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By Text: Deborima Ganguly Pictures: Anindya Shankar Ray
  • Published 30.09.14

The “felfie” took a few winners of the CenturyPly Felfie contest 15 feet up in the air.

From a large pool of “felfies” –– selfie with your favourite piece of furniture, which were uploaded to the CenturyPly website, a lucky few had the opportunity to get interviewed by RJ Jinia from 91.9 Friends FM while sitting on hydraulic chairs set up against a giant billboard near Simpark Mall in New Market on Saturday.

And the first guest was none other than Paayel Sarkar. “The concept is innovative. I felt butterflies in my stomach because we were 15 feet above the ground but then I got used to it. I have been live on air before but this time the circumstances were quite different and I loved every minute of it!” said the Tolly actress.

Even RJ Jinia had a lump in her throat. She said: “I was a little scared but it was an amazing experience. Paayel was my inspiration, since she was so calm high up in the air. I’m always ‘on air’ but today, I can say that I was actually ‘in air’!”

Gourav Handuja, India Book of Records representative, was there to witness the event and so was a large crowd. His verdict: The event made it into the record books.

Jimmy Tangree, the station head of 91.9 Friends FM, said: “The entire concept is fun but at the same time different; it hasn’t been done before. It is great to be inducted into India Book of Records!”