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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 6.11.12

The Viral Fever, a group of eight boys, have turned Student Of The Year’s popular Ishq wala love into Gana wala song. And the mock version is almost as popular as the original track, with 1.2 million hits on YouTube already.

The picturisation of Gana wala song is the same as the original but the lyrics have phrases like Despo wala chep and Naav wala boat to mock some of the frivolous scenes in the original Vishal-Shekhar romantic number.

“When we first saw the promo of Ishq wala love, we found it humorous and decided to make a parody. Most songs these days lack feeling and emotion and people are now becoming more aware of some of the frivolous content being shown on screen,” says 29-year-old former IIT-ian Arunabh Kumar, who founded The Viral Fever in 2011 with friends.

Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan in SOTY’s Ishq wala love

Listen to the lines Jinke dad hain director/ woh pehnenge same colour/ Star wale kids and go ROFL. We have seen Karan Johar making stars wear the same coloured clothes in romantic songs right from Suraj hua maddham from K3G. Ishq wala song was all the more funny as both the stars here were the children of film directors,” says Biswapati Sarkar, who penned the funnylines with Kumar.

Many phrases used in both the original and the parody have entered GeNext’s cool vocab. Like? Cheese wala smile and Ice wala cold. “My sister showed me the video of the song a couple of days back. I loved it and did not realise that I had actually picked up some of its phrases. Yesterday, my sister was shocked to hear me use the phrase Despo wala chep,” giggles Riddhima Tewari, Class X student of Ballygunge Shiksha Sadan.

This is not the first crack at parody by The Viral Fever. In the past, they have spoofed Roadies 9 with Rowdies 9, which has crossed 1.5 million viewership! Another on Airtel’s ad campaign was called Har friend zaroori nahin hota hai! “This Diwali, we are coming up with Jha.1, a 15-minute spoof of Ra.One, which was released last Diwali,” adds Kumar.

Shubhi Tandon
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