Groom vroom!

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 21.08.08

They are back! Jisshu Sengupta and Koel Mullick. After reducing us to tears (of frustration) in Love, the two promise to make us laugh out loud this Friday in Rangan Chakravarty’s Bor Ashbe Ekhuni, produced by Bangla Talkies. t2 joins the marriage party...

The bride: Koel, an ambitious small-town girl who wants to make it big as a radio jockey in Calcutta.

The groom: Jisshu, a software engineer, who falls head over heels for Koel at first sight.

The story: They meet when Koel is looking for a rented apartment. Since nobody wants a young, single girl as tenant, Koel coaxes Jisshu to play her husband. “Since Koel and Jisshu stay in the same flat, they are in a live-in relationship. But there’s no sex scene,” says Rangan.

The scene to watch out for: “To me it’s the one where Koel tells Jisshu to get out of their apartment. They looked very good and did a wonderful job,” feels the director.

The Jisshu-Koel chemistry: “I liked their bonding on screen.... Since the look and theme of the film is urban and fresh, I wanted young actors who would look good together. Among those available, I felt Jisshu and Koel fitted the characters perfectly. They also look different here — Jisshu sports a stubble while Koel wears very stylish outfits,” says Rangan.

Koel as Mitil: Is a careerist girl from Siliguri who first puts up in a ladies’ hostel when she comes to Calcutta but soon decides to live alone. The drama begins when she comes across Jisshu’s character.... I have got a very positive response about Jisshu and me being paired opposite each other in Love. The fact that there are quite a few offers for me and Jisshu to work together suggests that there’s chemistry and people like us together.

Jisshu as Abhi: Is a shy and introvert software engineer. Abhi is an orphan who lives with his friend (Kanchan) and meets Mitil (Koel) in a pub. For him, it’s love at first sight. But since Mitil doesn’t believe in love, Abhi decides to move out of their apartment.... Even though Love did not do well, our performances were appreciated. With Bor Ashbe Ekhuni, I would want people to like us as a couple and also the film to be a hit.