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Glimpses from the premiere of Honeymoon

The KLIKK show starring Sean Banerjee, Subrat Dutta and Aishwarya Sen, revolves around Ishan and Ranjini Chatterjee, a newly-married happy couple

The Telegraph Published 31.05.23, 10:05 AM

Team Honeymoon recently got together for the premiere of the show. The KLIKK show Honeymoon, starring Sean Banerjee, Subrat Dutta and Aishwarya Sen, revolves around Ishan and Ranjini Chatterjee, a newly-married happy couple. Ishan is a dignified employee of his corporate company. Ranjini is the perfect housewife. The plot takes a turn when Ishan and Ranjini go on a honeymoon trip to Vizag and meet Sekhar there, who changes their lives completely. Sekhar acts as an intruder in Ishan and Ranjini’s lives and disrupts their marriage completely. He disturbs their peace and tranquillity and soon an encounter takes place. The series is directed by Soumik Chattopadhyay.

Honeymoon was an overwhelming experience as a series, which has had great audience response and high viewership from all geographies. Sean Banerjee has worked with us for the first time and we are happy to have cast him. Subrat Dutta is a veteran who has hit the ball out of the park. Soumik, Subrat and Aishwarya Sen have worked with us earlier too and it’s been a great experience of making that equation work well again,” said Niraj Tantiya, director, KLIKK.


“As a director of the web series Honeymoon, I had the pleasure of working with a talented cast in some of the most breathtaking locations in India, including Vishakapatnam, Vimli, and Araku Valley. Aishwarya Sen, with whom this is my second venture, brought an incredible vulnerability to her character Ranjini, while Subrat Dutta, whom I have worked with twice before on Byomkesh and Inspector Nalinkanto, delivered a complex performance that brought out surprising shades in his character. This is my first time working with Sean Banerjee, and like the rest of the cast, he created a multi-faceted character with dedication and hard work that impressed me. Together, we brought to life a story about secrets and survival that was both thrilling and emotionally resonant,” said director Soumik Chattopadhyay.

“It was a lovely journey altogether for Honeymoon. I had brilliant co-actors in Sean and Subrat Dutta. The Vizag and Araku Valley shooting experience was amazing. Soumik Chatterjee motivated us throughout and gave us plenty of reasons to smile... his dry wit cracks us up. Sean is very dedicated towards his work and extremely hardworking. Subrat Dutta is one of the finest actors from whom I’ve learnt a number of things about the craft. He’s a brilliant performer,” said Aishwarya Sen.

“This is my second series with KLIKK and I’m thankful to them for helping me create such a wide canvas of intrigue. It was a hectic outdoor shoot. It’s a bonus to have such a good cast and production team’s support throughout,” added Soumik.

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