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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 4.11.08

DoB: December 14, 1985

Classroom: A graduate from Rabindra Bharati University, Arna has appeared for his MA exams in acting.

Claim to fame: Playing the title role in Natadha productions Karna Ekhon and Socrates. Arna also played Sirajudaulah in Palashi, his directorial debut. “My first big break was Karna Ekhon, but playing 80-year-old Socrates was an even greater challenge as an actor,” he says. Apart from Natadha, Arna has worked with Bratya Basu; he was the young Hemlat in Basu’s Hemlat: Prince of Garanhata.

Stage debut: As Kishore in Natadha’s Raktakarabi, directed by his father Shib Mukhopadhyay. Arna was in Class VII then.

Present projects: He is currently playing Dr Stackpule in Natadha’s Morossa and working on his new role, Dushmanta, in the group’s upcoming production Shakuntala. Arna also trains actors for Natadha’s annual school theatre festivals and conducts workshops for Padatik’s Theatre in Education project.

Future plans: “As a child, I dreamt of being a sportsman. But now all I want to do is act, on stage as well as in films,” he says.

Dream role: Shakespeare’s Hamlet. “I know I will do it one day. The only thing that’s holding me is the language.”

Contact him at: 9836595905