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Gals & guys in Gorgeous 6

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KARO CHRISTINE KUMAR   |   Published 27.08.10, 12:00 AM

Glamorous girls may have made up five seasons of Channel V’s Get Gorgeous, but its sixth season features along with the babes, a horde of handsome men!

At south Goa’s Alila Diwa resort, we asked the host of the show if Get Gorgeous has boys to raise the TRP, and VJ Andy replied, “It’s not a TRP exercise. Get Gorgeous is about taking an aam aadmi and transforming him or her from a moth into a butterfly.”

These 20 “butterflies” will spread their wings on August 29 at 7pm. To be telecast every Sunday, the show has tough tasks that have “matured” from the first season.

“In my time, it was much simpler. The tasks we did were basic hair and make-up styling. Maybe walking on the ramp a little bit. But these contestants have pushed themselves to the edge to perform,” said Calcutta girl VJ Archana Vijaya who won the first season of Get Gorgeous. Along with model Sahil Shroff, the duo have been sharing “simple grooming tips and simple ways of wearing clothes” because “Get Gorgeous is all about making little changes.”

The Channel V team is tight-lipped about the tasks but they did reveal a little. One has a set which is a box, a very small box, and a 6ft guy has to fill it. Another involves “ice-cold water” and “hanging from a harness”. “Some contestants even fell sick… they’ve struggled and come close to tears. But it’s all real and nothing is staged,” said Vikram Bawa, jury member and ace lensman. The photographer says that what works for him is “if the contestant can deliver in an external situation”. He doesn’t have to be “model material”, it’s not about the face or height. “Physical aspects are not enough, it’s the mental frame, feeling good about yourself… the whole package,” he elaborated.

“The one thing that we’re not teaching them, though, is finance. Most of them will end up going to Mumbai, and being one of the cities with the highest rent, they do need lessons in finance,” pointed out jury member Kamal Sidhu, the former model and actress.

And this time, because there are boys, it will be interesting to “catch the chemistry” between them, added designer Gayatri Khanna, the last on the jury panel.

So will the winners be a boy and a girl? Our lips are sealed — watch Get Gorgeous Season 6 to find out who’s “hot and in”, or “not and out!”

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