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  • Published 4.10.08

Mr Fantoosh is for those who just can’t get enough of Prosenjit. Mr Fantoosh is for those who love to watch him in a double role. Or make that triple. We’ll tell you why.

For those who like him simple, there’s Prosenjit as Palash, an engineer who returns to his bustee home and slum-mates, who lose no time in jumping and jiving with baltis and jharu to welcome their guru back. Schoolteacher Rachana Banerjee bursts on the scene as the right match for Palash. But just when the lovey-dovey couple begins cavorting around trees, the bad guys surface. A vile landshark (Hara Pattanaik) tricks Palash into a real-estate project, only to gun him down soon after.

For those who love Prosenjit as a deadly combo of action hero and comic man, enter Mr Fantoosh in Jackie Chan mode, spinning karate chops and one-liners that go: “Aami maari ekdin, byatha thakey teensho poyshotti din!” Ha-ha and dhishum-dhishum go hand in hand for Mr Fantoosh of the spiky hair and body-hugging ganjees.

And when you thought you’ve had your fill of Bumbada (also known as Prosenjit), Mr Fantoosh sheds his bustee-boy identity to turn uber-cool inspector Snehasish Mukherjee. Supercop Snehasish, out to beat the baddies and save the bustee, unveils a motionless Palash in wheelchair (just like Hrithik Roshan 2 in Krrish)! The last few minutes are a blast fest of guns, goons and gravity-defying stunts.

A 40-plus Prosenjit trying to pass off as a 20-something means trying too hard, but Tollywood’s hero no. 1 inspired a series of non-stop ceetee-taali moments in a packed Bharati cinema on Gandhi Jayanti. Prosenjit’s three-much act soars over the technical flaws, OTT acting and mundane music. Also because newcomers Malabika (as Prosenjit’s sister) and Angshuman (as the villain’s son) fail to make a mark.