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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 1.04.10


Directed by: Anjan Das

Starring: Subrat Dutta, Manali Dey


The story: Achin, a domestic help blamed for a murder he didn’t commit, takes refuge on a deserted island in the Ichhamati river. He has a parrot for company till village belle Pakhi comes into his life. The two fall in love and dream of a better life but fate had a twist in store for them. So, Pakhi is married off to a mentally challenged son from the family where Achin used to work. And Achin is thrown into the jail.

The rest of the film is about how the couple pine for each other — while Pakhi throws a fit every time her husband comes near her, Achin rots in jail. Towards the end, Pakhi commits suicide and Achin, who is declared innocent, goes back to the island.

Thumbs up: Subrat’s balanced performance. Also, the beautiful Taki landscape and the meandering Ichhamati captured by cinematographer Asim Bose.

Thumbs down: The pace — the plot seems to stand still in certain places. Also, Manali’s Pakhi, which has a strong hangover of Mouri, her character from the STAR Jalsa soap Bou Katha Kou.