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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 16.10.10

Starring: Jeet, Dev, Koel Mullick
Directed by: Raj Chakraborty

What happens when the opposite worlds of a richie-rich youth and a thief-on-the-run collide? First, there’s a conflict of interest and then there’s some back-slapping male bonding. Here’s how the world of Jeet-Dev’s Dui Prithibi turns.

Rahul (Jeet) and Nandini (Koel) keep bumping into each other till he is completely smitten by her. But unlike Rahul, whose life is a bed of roses, doctor Nandini lives the hard life. She drives a Scooty into slums to tend to the sick, while Rahul, riding pillion, follows her with an upturned nose. Soon the cracks surface and they call it quits. Nandini vanishes from Rahul’s life.

Love pangs soon strike him badly and Rahul sets out on a Kawasaki Ninja to look for Nandini in a jungle where she might have gone for a health camp. On the way, Rahul meets and likes Shibu the thief (Dev), who specialises in stealing bikes. The thief tags along, promising to help the bike boy in his search for love.

The two men eat at dhabas, sleep by the road, check out village melas and also fall into Maoists traps. One day in a crossfire — Maoists on one side and cops on the other — Shibu is hit by a bullet. Will Rahul lose some and win some?

You get the Rahul-Nandini backstory through flashbacks. Also, an eyeful of beautiful Venice, where Rahul and Nandini sing, dance and ride gondolas.

Cinematography by Shirsha Roy and Somak Mukherjee tops the list of things-to-look-forward-to in Dui Prithibi; Shirsha captures Venice in all its glory while Somak makes the long-winding jungle roads of Purulia and Bolpur look intriguing.

And don’t miss a perfectly toned Barkha Bisht gyrating to the Pyarelal song; she does add a dash of oomph, Bolly-style.