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Dwayne Johnson says he has been lucky to be famous for a long time, opens up about his past struggles

The 51-year-old wrestler-turned-actor recently starred in the actioner Fast X which released on May 19

Urmi Chakraborty Calcutta Published 25.09.23, 12:47 PM
Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson Instagram

Being famous doesn’t have any drawbacks for wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson barring the few days when he wishes to go grocery shopping or drop by a mall, the Black Adam star has said in an Instagram video, opening up about his past struggles with money and how he still dreads going back to that phase.

“I have been a lucky son of a b**** to have been famous for a long time, and I realise that there are no drawbacks to fame because I remember how s*** once was,” the 51-year-old said in response to a fan’s question about the benefits and drawbacks of fame. He added that back when he was still building his career, the “alternative to fame” was “not being famous”.


The Fast X actor opened up about struggling with money and his identity in his years of growing as an actor. “I couldn't pay rent, I was struggling to figure out who I was, I was broke as f***,” he said before adding that he still recalls these past events to gain “good perspective”, “balance” and “an anchor”.

“I never let that go. I always say, ‘I’m a day away from being evicted again’ so it keeps me hungry. So for me, there are no drawbacks to fame,” Dwayne further said in the video.

He also talked about how upcoming artists should chase “greatness” instead of fame. “Don’t chase fame. Chase being great at something. Fame will come but if you’re great at something, that’s enduring,” he said in the video.

While talking about the cons of being famous, the actor admitted that he has to give up on a lot of day-to-day activities, such as going to shopping malls, grocery and drug stores whenever he wishes to.

“I miss going to the mall. I miss going to the stores. Just hopping in my car and going [to the] grocery store, drug store, the mall, wherever,” he said, before adding that whenever he goes out in public, things eventually turn into a “zoo”.

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