Double delight

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 5.12.08

She has a Friday date with two love stories and she is called Ria in both. But Koel Mullick is not worried. The two Rias are poles apart, and the two men in her life — Dev and Hiran — very different. t2 tunes in as Koel-Dev’s Mon Maane Na takes on Koel-Hiran’s Chirasathi today...

Ria in Mon Maane Na...

She’s a tantrum queen who elopes from home and falls in love with a thief! She’s someone who has no idea about life outside her sheltered existence. She is pampered silly by her father (Biswajit Chakraborty). But Rahul (Dev) helps her see the reality. The two fight, sulk and fall in love.

The Dev-Koel chemistry

KOELspeak: When Dev and I did Premer Kahini, we didn’t know each other at all. It always helps when you know your co-star, especially in a romantic film. Chemistry is very important in a love story. If there’s a comfort level among colleagues, it is reflected on screen as well. Otherwise, the magic is lost.

Though we did hit it off in Premer Kahini, our chemistry has got better in Mon Maane Na. And I am sure people will realise that.

DEVspeak: I am sure our chemistry is much better in Mon Maane Na than Premer Kahini. We didn’t have too many romantic scenes in Premer Kahini. Mon Maane Na is more romantic. Now both Koel and I know each other’s timing, which is very important. I know her style of acting and that helps. I am not worried about Koel teaming up with Hiran in Chirasathi. Hiran has great potential and I hope the film works. I am not worried about whose chemistry would be better. I hope people like us and like the film.

Ria in Chirasathi...

She’s a bubbly college girl who hates classmate Raju but falls head over heels for him later. She comes from a conservative family and is very grounded and mature, unlike Ria in Mon Maane Na. The two Rias look very different too. While Mon Maane Na’s Ria is all attitude in western outfits, Ria of Chirasathi is a gharelu girl in salwar-kameez.

The Hiran-Koel chemistry

KOELspeak: I can’t comment on who I share better chemistry with. Hiran is a very sincere and dedicated actor. I think people will like watching us together. We share a great comfort level.

HIRANspeak: I guess people have accepted Koel and me as a hit pair. Why else would Nabab Nandini run for 300 days? It was our first film together. In Nabab Nandini, I played a rough-and-tough guy with revenge on his mind. But Chirasathi is about college romance. I am Raju, a college-goer who is in love with Ria. It takes Raju a lot to finally make Ria love him. I live up to my image of a lover boy in the film. I think our chemistry has improved.