Double delight for Byomkesh fans


  • Published 14.07.18

Abir Chatterjee turned many shades grey to play Byomkesh Bakshi, in an original story based on the sleuth, scripted and directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya titled Bidaay Byomkesh, which releases on July 20. Though Sohini Sarkar has stayed on as his screen-wife Satyabati, there is a twist in the tale. In a double role, young Abir also makes his presence felt as Byomkesh’s grandson Satyaki, whose girlfriend Tunna is also played by Sohini. “The film goes on to show how the elderly Byomkesh deals with a crisis that falls upon his family. Is it a new beginning for the detective? Or will his grandson carry forward the baton?” says Debaloy, who is a big Byomkesh fan and had finished reading all the stories by Class XI.

“I was really heart-broken then. Over the years I re-read them. As I grew older, I started connecting with Byomkesh all the more. As I was working on this story I felt there was no point in going back to the 1940s and 1950s. So I wanted to bring him to my time. Also it’s my take on the genre. We have seen deconstructions of Sherlock  Holmes and I was trying to open up new ways of telling stories,” adds Debaloy as he takes t2 through some key moments.

The elderly Byomkesh has a receding hairline and his only interest in life is gardening and clay modelling. The ravages of old age have set in. “Byomkesh Bakshi has gone into hibernation. He has aged gracefully while Satyaki is a new-age Byomkesh,” says Debaloy. 
This dog is a key element in a murder mystery. How it is in Satyabati’s lap is a secret as of now.
Byomkesh puts a rose from his garden on fire. “When their only son (played by Joy Sengupta) has been accused of murder, Byomkesh and Satyabati languish in pain,” says Debaloy.  
As Satyabati looks on, Byomkesh takes up his gun which he is too old to operate. 
Tunna kisses Satyaki. “He is in pain and is being consoled by her. You know, one tends to find themselves in their offspring. So I wanted to find the young Satyanweshi in Satyaki. Whether Satyaki takes his place or not, that is what we’ll see in the film,” 
adds Debaloy.
In this scene, Satyaki is jealous as his girlfriend lets him know that she is impressed by the charisma of his grandfather! Why the name Bidaay Byomkesh? “Bidaay is not about quitting or going away. There are many shades to the word. It’s about looking back, it’s about finding oneself. It’s about getting over things and starting all over again. Bidaay Byomkesh is about a new beginning in a new form,” says the director.