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Dating app OkCupid has some love figures for you

Camping with love potion number 9!

The Telegraph Published 13.02.19, 03:24 PM
A perfect V-day plan

A perfect V-day plan iStock

First date on V-day: Yay, day of love, or nay, too cliched?

Sixty five per cent men are more likely to plan a first date on Valentine’s Day, compared to 50 per cent women.


Lovey-dovey much?

Seventy seven per cent men think that they are the most romantic person they know compared to 65 per cent women on the app.

Show me some love on V-day?

While the majority of respondents (58 per cent men and 53 per cent women) are okay either way, 40 per cent women and 33 per cent men want their partner to do something special on Valentine’s Day.

Perfect V-day plan?

A romantic camping getaway for two! Fifty three per cent men and 47 per cent women chose a camping trip and would love to plan a romantic three-day weekend with their significant other around V-day, over the second best option of spending time cosying up at a fancy hotel with 23 per cent men and 17 per cent women responding with a yes.

When it comes to the ideal date, how cliched are you?

Who would have known that kissing in a tent setup in the woods would be the ultimate idea of romance when you also have the chance of kissing in Paris? Seventy per cent men and 55 per cent women chose romancing in the woods to be far more romantic than snuggling up in Paris, which got 30 per cent men and 45 per cent women saying yay.

Give love a second chance, anyone?

While we feel all mushy this month, how about giving love a second chance? Forty eight per cent men believe in second chances when it comes to romantic relationships and feel that it may work out in another time or place. Women are more practical with 47 per cent of them saying that it totally depends on the relationship.

Cliche or touche?

Ninety three per cent of men think long walks on the beach are “so romantic” as compared to 91 per cent of women.

In order to build a profile on OkCupid, users have to answer a series of questions. Here’s what Indian millennials think and feel... not just on V-Day

General topics

Fifty one per cent men and 49 per cent women said Goa was their ideal short vacay destination while 26 per cent, both men and women, channelled their inner couch potato literally selecting “my couch” as their ultimate relaxation escape.

More than half the daters (53 per cent men and 52 per cent women) say that winter is their favourite season.

Sixty five per cent women users call themselves pet lovers compared to 61 per cent men.

Sixty eight per cent daters say that tea and pakoras are their go-to snack when it’s raining.


Sixty two per cent men and 50 per cent women believe that it is a woman’s choice if she wants to work full-time after marriage.

Twenty five per cent men and 27 per cent women consider horoscopes important when it comes to marriage

Seventy nine per cent men and 53 per cent women would consider moving in with the significant other if they hadn’t discussed marriage yet.

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