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Coke Studio Bangla S2’s Kotha Koiyo Na blends traditional folk ballads with contemporary influences

Composed and curated by Shayan Chowdhury, Arfan Mredha Shiblu and Aleya Begum sung the musical number

Agnivo Niyogi Calcutta Published 12.06.23, 12:38 PM
Kotha Koiyo Na has been sung by Arfan Mredha Shiblu and Aleya Begum

Kotha Koiyo Na has been sung by Arfan Mredha Shiblu and Aleya Begum Coke Studio Bangla/YouTube

Coke Studio Bangla Season 2 has dropped its latest musical number — Kotha Koiyo Na — on YouTube, bringing together folk music and contemporary influences. Bangladeshi singer Arfan Mredha Shiblu has lent his voice to the modern verses, while folk singer Aleya Begum has sung the traditional ballads.

Composed and produced by Emon Chowdhury, Kotha Koiyo Na is presented in the form of a heart-to-heart conversation between two lovers. The soul-stirring melody combines verses penned by Hashim Mahmud with Mymensingh Gitika, ancient folk ballads from the eastern district of Mymensingh in Bangladesh.


Kicking off with the rendition of a leaf flute, the song begins with Aleya's folk verses, followed by Shiblu's romantic tones. While Shiblu uses a modern set of instruments and contemporary backing vocals, Aleya leads a group of female bauls. Emon’s skillful use of the sitar adds rocking vibes to the folk ballad, giving the age-old emotional tale a modern twist.

Mahmud’s lyrics beautifully convey the complexities of love and longing. The poetic verses of the Mymensingh Gitika also explore the unspoken pain and yearning that often resides within the depths of one's soul, creating a sense of relatability and emotional connection.

The duality of the song extends beyond just the lyrics. As the music producer, Chowdhury spared no effort in incorporating traditional Bangladeshi wind and stringed instruments into the song. The grand orchestration with the sarinda — a string instrument of rural Bengal — along with the Mymensingh Geetika chorus at the end evokes a sense of nostalgia, taking the listeners on a journey through the depths of a range of emotions.

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