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BTS members Suga and Jimin talk about a possible band reunion in 2025, their solo musical careers

The K-pop band appeared on Suga’s drinking show Suchwita on Monday

Smera Marcia Toppo Calcutta Published 28.03.23, 11:40 AM
(L-R) Suga and Jimin on the sets of Suchwita

(L-R) Suga and Jimin on the sets of Suchwita Instagram

BTS members Suga and Jimin talked about a possible return of the popular K-pop band in 2025 in a sitdown discussion on Suga’s drinking show Suchwita on Monday.

In the 36-minute-nine-second episode, which is available on YouTube and Weverse, the two are seen talking about their career trajectories, Jimin’s new music video and the biggest surprise of them all — the comeback of the popular K-pop band sometime in 2025.


Jimin said he would like to go to the year 2025. “By then, we'll all be together,” Jimin said, taking a shot of Soju, a Korean drink.

While reminiscing about BTS, Jimin said, “We'd all be back together when we’re done. Honestly, I have no idea what we'll talk about or where we’ll even begin.”

Suga also joined in with his prediction for 2025. “I'm really excited about 2025 because by then, we'd all have released singles or albums,” he said.

“Like you said, solo activities don’t mean much. It's only meaningful when we're together. That's why I’m doing this now while preparing for my solo album. I learned how comfy and warm I’ve had it and how much I need to improve. I realised the areas I lacked in and worked really hard,” Jimin revealed while talking about the importance of BTS.

BTS announced their break in June last year as the band members reportedly wanted to pursue solo musical careers. Some of them, including Jin, also wanted to focus on their military duty and complete the requirements before coming back together again.

While nothing has been confirmed by either of the seven band members or the official social media of BTS, fans are hoping for a reunion of the band in 2025.

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