Bidita Bag on her Bolly journey and acting dream

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 6.12.14

Your new hobbies...

Suddenly I have discovered a cook in me and I have become a great one. I can cook Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes. Thai curry, Napa cabbage with shrimp, chilli garlic noodles, pomfret in green sauce.... I have learnt driving too... and swimming. I drive a Toyota Corolla.

One thing you want to learn...

Shongshar kora shikhtey chai! I want to get married.

Santragachhi girl Bidita Bag is all set for her second Hindi film, Abhik Bhanu’s Gun Pe Done. t2 chats with the model-turned-actress about her Bollywood dream and search for a suitable boy.

Tell us about Gun Pe Done...

It’s a comedy where all deals are cracked at gunpoint. I play a journalist and I can do anything for my channel’s TRP. I am all set for a sting operation in a hooch mafia party. And, chaos ensues.... I have done many serious films and I was dying to do a comedy. Plus, I haven’t seen Jimmy Shergill do a lot of comedy as well. He is mostly into serious roles. The rest, like Vijay Raaz and Sanjay Mishra, are known for their comic timing. I thought I could learn on the job and this film would be kind of a relief for me.

Are you happy with your Mumbai innings so far?

It’s taking time, but I am doing good work. Bombay has taught me that there is no point in getting frustrated. You have to be patient. Every actor passes through this phase where he or she might be doing a lot of films but those are not seeing the light of day. You have to think positive and keep doing good work. I can only continue to work. Whether a film releases or not is not in my hands.

Now you might have become seasoned, but were the initial years tough?

That is bound to happen. See, I was a top model in Calcutta, but in Bombay I was a nobody. I had to start from scratch. The only way forward is to keep meeting people. The day you feel you have made it big, you are finished. There is no point in going for short cuts. I have always believed that a good assignment will lead you to the next one. Whatever casting calls come to me, I make it a point to go. See, to get a break in a big banner like Yash Raj Films, you have to be extremely lucky. You have to believe in luck.

Your first Hindi film From Sydney With Love did not really work. Isn’t that demotivating?

Of course it is, but I have to keep myself busy. I have to keep motivating myself. That is very tough. I have toughened over the years. I practise music, learn to make new dishes, read books and keep meeting people. Life is not that easy, na? But there lies the fun. You have to find happiness within yourself and keep going. That’s the only way you will survive. And my success rate is not that bad. I have had a hit in Ichche (directed by Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy). Gun Pe Done is a big film. Though From Sydney With Love was not a hit, it did give me a name... that I am a good actress. I gave my best and I believe in my potential, which is why I have been trying for all these years and I will keep trying. I am not going to quit till I have become a huge actress! (Laughs) I am determined. I will be a successful actress someday.

What is happening on the personal front?

I am not that lucky in love. Pachhi na chhele! Love has nothing to do with your looks or how successful you are. It requires a different talent. Prem korar cheshta korechhi. I was not successful. Though I am surrounded by many good-looking guys, I cannot see my future husband in them.

You are thinking marriage?

Chhele peley biye kore nebo! Why not? Do actresses not work after marriage? Many have started their careers after having kids. You never know, a good partner can change your life completely. Maybe I will get more motivated!

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