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‘Being fit means being my best version — physically, mentally, in totality’ — Hrithik Roshan

'I’m aiming to be my fittest this year —2019. In the past I think I was at my best in Krrish 3 and during Bang Bang'

  • Published 21.05.19, 3:41 PM
  • Updated 21.05.19, 3:41 PM
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I’m aiming to be my fittest this year. Physical fitness and mental fitness are strongly connected. I miss endorphins on days I miss workouts — Hrithik Roshan. (Wikimedia Commons)

Rehabilitating and reconditioning my body has taken almost 10 months now. And I’m still in the process.Torn right ankle ligaments and a sprained left plus a thorasic slip disc. As if one wasn’t enough. .

My coordination was incredibly messed up. I’d say jump and my body wouldn’t listen. Couldn’t load the feet or my spine. Needless to say I was losing muscle mass and gaining unwanted weight by the day. Couldn’t do any cardio or weights. Only thing I could control so as to not fall off the grid completely was my diet. Not eating the stuff I liked frustrated me further….

…But there is magic in consistency.

Trust it.

And keep going.

Instagrammed Hrithik Roshan on September 1, 2018. The Hrithik Roshan of rippling muscles and a super-toned physique. Scroll through his Instagram and Twitter videos and chances are when you see him wince in pain, you will take away only inspiration. If he can, you can too, the magic word being “consistency”. In a t2 chat with the Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara hottie, Hrithik unlocks his fitness secret.

Fitness and Hrithik Roshan are synonymous. What does being fit mean to you?

Being fit means being my best version — physically, mentally, in totality.

When were you your fittest?

I’m aiming to be my fittest this year —2019. In the past I think I was at my best in Krrish 3 and during Bang Bang.

Being fit has a direct effect on your mental space. Do you agree?

Absolutely! Physical fitness and mental fitness are strongly connected. There is enough science to prove this.

What is your routine like now?

An hour of release work and stretches in the mornings followed by 45 minutes of cardio/functional (training). And, one hour of weights in evenings.

Do you feel low on days when you don’t work out?

Working out and eating clean are non-negotiable. When one works out, the body releases happy chemicals or endorphins making one active and cheerful and keeping the energy levels balanced all day. So, yes I miss endorphins on days I miss workouts.

Do you like gymming?

Like I mentioned earlier, fitness is not a choice, it is a lifestyle. So there is no question of like or dislike. It is as important as sleeping or bathing or eating.

Have you tried alternative methods of fitness, like being outdoorsy?

Well I enjoy skiing, canoeing, kayaking, swimming and a whole host of alternative ways of staying active but unfortunately the likelihood of these happening are the highest while on holidays with my boys (Hrehaan and Hridhaan) and not so much while at home.

How did the definition of fitness change from your 20s to your 30s to your 40s?

In the 20s fitness is usually outside in while as one moves to 30s and gradually to 40s, it tends to become inside out. The focus in the 20s is adrenaline, outwardly pump, the shape, the cuts but as the body matures it tends to become skewed to muscle strength, core conditioning, rehabilitative measures.

What is your diet like?

Quite simple. During cutting phase, 70g protein with 50g veggies, five times a day. In the gaining phase, 120g to 150g protein, 50g carbs and 50g veggies, five times a day.

Over the years, what did you have to leave out of your diet… like a favourite?

Sugar and most things sweet.

What are your cheat days like?

Cheat days are like treat days. I eat things that I don’t through the week of discipline but in controlled proportions while still trying to maintain a balanced diet.

Growing up, who was fitness icon?

Sylvester Stallone.

Now that you are an icon, what advice do you have for all the youngsters who want to have a physique like yours?

Work hard. The magic word is consistency.

What are the things to keep in mind while drawing up a fitness regimen?

It should be consistent, sustainable and interesting, so one stays motivated.

How fulfilling has your HRX (a fitness brand founded by Hrithik Roshan and Exceed Entertainment in 2013) journey been? What is your dream for the brand?

My dream is to touch the 1.2 billion lives in India through HRX and maybe more internationally. It has been a fulfilling journey seeing the seed I had sown grow into a tree but the tree has to grow thicker roots and grow deeper and become invincible with time like a timeless oak.

Your mom Pinkie Roshan’s fitness videos on Instagram are a big hit. Did you inspire her to take up fitness?

Oh it’s absolutely the other way round. The days I feel low, it’s her discipline and dedication which pushes me to jump out of bed and keep going.

Your Twitter bio says: ‘Man on mission — to live the best life possible come what may.’ What is your definition of a ‘best life’ and what kind of a life do you want for your kids?

Living a conscious life with total awareness of the moment. Independent, strong, deliberate existence unafraid to explore and always looking for growth.

What does quality time with them mean?

Being totally present with them and to them whenever we are together.