A nose for roles - Telugu starlet in Bengali film

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  • Published 7.11.08

She’s known more for her nose job than her debut film Gita down south, in the Telugu film industry. She has never seen a Bengali film, neither can she speak the language.

But Zee Motion Pictures felt Punjabi kudi Shriya was the right fit as the leading lady of their upcoming Tolly release Tomar Jonyo, which Koel Mullick had dropped out of citing date problems.

Mumbai-based Shriya plays Aankhee, a visually-challenged girl who runs a flower shop and falls in love with Joseph (Rishi, last seen in Prosenjit’s Takkar) in SRFTI graduate Nilanjan Banerjee’s first film.

“My co-star Rishi is a friend and he suggested my name to Zee Motion Pictures. I flew down to Calcutta on a very short notice and was selected for the role. We were hard-pressed for time and I couldn’t rehearse much before shooting. But I have given my 100 per cent,” says Shriya, who did a management course from Narsee Monji College in Mumbai before playing a housewife in Gita.

Gita didn’t do very well. At the same time, I went in for a nose job and that kicked up a huge controversy,” laughs Shriya, who later learnt that playing a visually-challenged girl wasn’t any cakewalk either.

“Aankhee is very emotional yet strong. She’s sensible and sensitive. And it was really difficult to play a blind girl. It was difficult getting that blank look in my eyes. My most difficult scene is the one where I make tea. I had to pour water, sugar and milk without looking at the teapot even once,” she smiles.

Making tea apart, Shriya has also done a salsa number choreographed by Sudarshan Chakravorty.

Shriya’s inspiration behind trying out a different subject in her Tolly launch is her actress mother Amardeep Jha, who played Nagarjun’s wicked mother in Mahesh Bhatt’s Zakhm.

“My mom is a graduate from National School of Drama and she has done supporting roles in several films like Satya, Devdas and Naina,” rattles off the proud daughter.