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6 Cartoon Network shows from the 1990s for a dose of nostalgia

Squashing rumours of its closure, Cartoon Network has announced that it’s turning 30

Agnivo Niyogi Calcutta Published 19.10.22, 03:57 PM
Cartoon Network holds a special place in the hearts of millennial kids.

Cartoon Network holds a special place in the hearts of millennial kids. IMDB

Rumours of Cartoon Network’s closure swirled around the internet sometime last week, making a lot of us who grew up on our favourite shows on the TV channel really sad. But Cartoon Network squashed these speculations, to our joy, on October 15 with a tweet that read, “Y’all we’re not dead, we’re just turning 30.”

Raising a toast to 30 years of our happy place from childhood, here are six Cartoon Network shows from the 1990s that promise a nostalgia trip with vivid colours from the past.


The Powerpuff Girls

Three young sisters — Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup — live happily with their scientist father Professor Utonium in Townsville. They have superpowers like flight, strength, speed, X-ray vision and superhuman senses. Whenever their sleepy town gets attacked by monsters, the girls come to save the day. Buttercup is a tough fighter, while Blossom is a natural leader. Cute-as-a-button Blossoms brings joy and laughter to the mix.

Dexter’s Laboratory

Boy genius Dexter lives in an ordinary house with his ordinary parents. But hidden beneath his room is a secret laboratory where the smart kid conducts cutting-edge experiments and makes groundbreaking inventions. Dexter has an older sister, Dee Dee, who inadvertently gains access to his secret hideout at regular intervals and spoils his science projects. Dexter’s neighbour, Mandark, is his arch-enemy and tries to undermine him at every opportunity. Wild adventures, geeky science experiments and the annoying presence of Dee Dee make this show immensely enjoyable.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

This animated comedy horror television series features an adorable dog called Courage who lives with an elderly couple — Muriel and Eustace Bagge — in a farmhouse in the middle of Nowhere. However, this ‘lonely’ farmhouse often gets supernatural guests, from vampires to aliens. Despite his name, Courage is a cowardly dog who happens to be afraid of shadows and even loud noises. But this dog always finds a way to protect Muriel and her husband without even knowing it and that makes him very endearing.

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo is full of himself but lovable at the same time. He thinks he’s a heartthrob and he could not be more wrong. Flashing dark sunglasses, spiky hair and tight black tees, he tries hard to impress girls but ends up in bizarre situations. His karate moves, which come with the sound of a bullwhip, are legendary. The show is remembered for its cheeky adult humour and pop-culture references.

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest

This show revolves around a teenager named Jonny who goes on adventures with his father Dr Quest, a famous phenomenologist. Accompanying the duo on their quests are Jonny’s bodyguard Race Bannon, his adopted brother Hadji Singh, Race’s daughter Jessie and their pet dog Bandit. The group travels the world solving mysteries and saving the planet from evil villains. The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest introduced ’90s kids to the concept of virtual reality in the form of QuestWorld. The show is known for its superb animation.

Captain Planet

As big corporations pollute the world, Gia, the spirit of the planet, assembles a group of five teenagers, known as Planeteers, from across the globe. Each of them carries a ring with elemental powers. The Planeteers are unable to fight the pollution individually but can combine their energies from these rings to create a superhero — Captain Planet — to save the planet. Captain Planet is the OG environmental warrior. The edutainment show aims to teach children about the pitfalls of environmental degradation. The catchy theme song became a rage among youngsters back in the day.

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