Saris, tell stories with their names

You can take a sari out of a place, but not the place out of a sari. A fabric is so often named after the plac...

Jebsispar: Art and sustainability at the core

Art-based label Jebsispar weaves in local influences with “emotional perspectives” that gives it a...

Haircare tips to sail through monsoon

Monsoons bring us joy and greenery, but also a lot of scalp problems.  Oily scalp, greasy hair, dandruff...

Fifth P: Packaging & bra industry

Philip Kotler is immortalised through his marketing theory of the four Ps: price, product, place and promotion...

H&MxToga: archive classics with a twist

H&M has taken the whole collaboration game to a whole new level since they first collaborated with Karl La...

Nykaa Fashion Home by Nykaa Fashion

Minimal with a sense of aesthetics, the curation on Nykaa Fashion Home looks new-age and cool. You will finds ...

Style  /  Published 10.06.21

Water is essential for healthy hair

Our hair doesn’t lie. It cannot hide if it’s taken care or not. Healthy hair is the reflection of a healthy body. And water is essential for hair health. There are many ways in which wate...
By Bobby Saha in

Style  /  Published 10.06.21

Plain? No, rich

Was it the heat or the sheer boredom of an unending lockdown? “Do you like vanilla ice cream?” came a random question my way from a colleague. Groaning over an unsettling stomach, which h...
By Anasuya Basu in

Style  /  Published 09.06.21

Kalico: Designed to suit at-home lifestyles

With the industry once again at crossroads, what do you think is the future of fashion in terms of sustainability — both for business and all the stakes involved in it? The pandemic allowed us ...
By Anannya Sarkar in

Style  /  Published 08.06.21

The melody of Nagma: Tilfi’s range of kora silks

By Saionee Chakraborty in

Style  /  Published 07.06.21

JADE by Monica & Karishma opens up in Los Angeles

How much do you think social media has played a part in how brides today are making their choices? We believe it has opened up the whole world to them, and given them a keener sense of understanding ...
By Saionee Chakraborty in

Style  /  Published 05.06.21

Designers get together for Covid-19 relief

I think two states in particular — Gujarat (particularly Kutch) and West Bengal — have adapted all techniques of traditional craft and weaves into contemporary products and the crafts have...
By Saionee Chakraborty in

Style  /  Published 04.06.21

Celebs and their love for talons

• Nail stickers are widely available online that can make your simple nail art at home stand out. Simply apply your regular nail paint the usual way and choose a finger to stick the sticker &mdas...
By Pramita Ghosh in

Style  /  Published 03.06.21

Mexican designs or designs on Mexico?

The Ordinary is the world’s most sought after skincare brand, reports Now part of the Estee Lauder companies, it has reached the top in just a few years. Research reve...
By The Telegraph in

Style  /  Published 03.06.21

Burning question

Does one burn more calories when running or working out in hot weather or a high temperature environment? It’s possible, but it comes with its own risks. When you are working out in hot weathe...
By The Telegraph in

Style  /  Published 03.06.21

How to make kajal at home

To make kajal at home, you will need the following: • A metal lamp • A metal plate • A kajal lata, or any container for the kajal • Cotton wicks • Pure castor oil •...
By The Telegraph in


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