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A breath of fresh air at La Artisan Bistro

Located atop a highrise, the part open-air and part indoor bistro is a bright spot for sore eyes with its minimalist, Mediterranean-inspired decor
White and blue are the primary colours that the 1,600sq ft space is decked up in, with a speck of bright hues like pink thrown in.

Nandini Ganguly   |   Published 23.07.21, 12:07 AM

A slice of Mykonos in Rajarhat is the first thought that came to our mind the minute we stepped inside the 64-seater La Artisan Bistro. Located atop a highrise, the part open-air and part indoor bistro is a venture from the house of Calcutta Gin and a bright spot for sore eyes with its fresh, minimalist, Mediterranean-inspired decor.

“During the lockdown, we were discussing opening a bistro, so we started conceptualising the menu. In terms of layout and amenities, we were sure about things like not having Wi-Fi and charging ports because you should come here and forget your phone… create moments and have conversations. We are looking at giving serious food and trying to give people the experience in affordable pricing. Food is the priority here and our focus has been on originality. Everything we serve here is made here. Chefs are artists too because even when you are cooking, there’s a lot of technique to everything. We wanted to do everything home-made and that was the plan since the beginning. Everything is made out of love in small batches. It’s basically art in every form,” said Tanay Agarwal and Debraj Bose, co-founders, La Artisan Bistro.


With a focus on originality and few practical twists in its food, the menu at La Artisan has been curated over a period of eight months, with more than a hundred trials. Everything, from the sauces to the chilli flakes, is made in-house. Soon, the bistro also plans to add a small retail space where you can buy their range of sauces from, besides hosting live jazz brunch during the winters.

What: La Artisan Bistro

Where: 02-0108 Action Area 1, New Town, Rajarhat (beside Central mall)

Timings: 10am-8pm (current timings); 10am-10pm (when permitted post restrictions)

Meal for two: Rs 1,200-plus


A dish that took a month to perfect, the Whipped Burrata with Cherry Tomatoes, Arugula and Basil Pesto, priced at Rs 395, is one of our favourites from the menu. A salad, the flavours of which linger on your palate long after you have had a bite, is a blend of sweet, herby, nutty and creamy flavours and texture. As the name suggests, the burrata doesn’t come in its usual avatar and is instead whipped, lending a velvety consistency. The balsamic drizzle adds a hint of sweetness, while the basil oil helps bring the dish together.

The light-as-air and sweet yet savoury Honey Pumpkin Soup has a mild smokiness and comprises a veloute of honey-roasted pumpkin. Priced at Rs 315, the soup is poured piping hot right at the table to retain freshness, while some chopped pumpkin adds a bite.

Waffles with Pulled Pork and Oven Roasted Apple Puree, priced at Rs 395, is made for a fun brunch. With tender barbecued pulled pork, crisp waffle, along with a mildly sweet and tart roasted green apple puree, this dish is quite a show stealer.

Margherita but with a twist is what you get when you order The Argentine Margherita, priced at Rs 415. The delectable thin crust, with a tomato-basil sauce and the star addition, chimichurri, made with parsley and garlic among other ingredients, is something you shouldn’t miss.

One of the signature dishes is La Artisan’s Fluffy White, priced at Rs 315. It’s served with a generous drizzle of truffle oil, and a grilled tomato on the side.

A very French Croque Madame features on the menu and comes for a price of Rs 365. It comprises a thin slice of ham, cheese and a fried egg on top. Classic and traditional to the T.

The three-milk dessert, dripping of caramelised condensed milk, Tres Leches is priced at Rs 375. Its sweetness isn’t overpowering and that’s one of the best things about this dessert, served with chopped seasonal fruits.

Millefeuille, priced at Rs 395, is one dessert you shouldn’t miss. Here, the layers of filo pastry are filled with vanilla and chocolate mousse, yet they retain the crunch and form a perfect balance with the creaminess.

Coffee Lemonade, priced at Rs 180, is our top pick from the beverage section. A shot of espresso along with lemonade, makes for a sip that feels like rain on your palate!

Cheesecake Shake, priced at Rs 260, might look like sugar overdose but it surprisingly isn’t. Milk is blended with vanilla ice cream and cheesecake, yet the sweetness isn’t overbearing. A touch of savoury aftertaste is what this cold beverage leaves you with.

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