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Takin brought to Darjeeling from Berlin dies of stomach ailment

The animal is found in the eastern Himalayas
A takin
A takin
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Vivek Chhetri   |   Darjeeling   |   Published 20.02.19, 08:24 PM

One of the five takins brought to the Darjeeling zoo from Berlin has died from stomach infection.

Rajendra Jakher, the director of the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park, said: “Ten-month-old male Charles was the youngest in the group and died on Friday night. It was suffering from stomach infection and had been under treatment for four-five days.”


The Darjeeling zoo had received five takins, three males and two females, from Tierpark Berlin as part of an exchange programme. The hill park is expected to send a pair of red pandas to the Berlin facility.

The other takins, aged between 15 months and three years, are coping up well in the Darjeeling zoo.

“They are currently under one-month observation. After a few days, the public can view the animals in the enclosure,” said Jakher.

The animals had reached Darjeeling zoo on January 20.

The takin is the national animal of Bhutan where it is called the Dong Gyem Tsey.

The Darjeeling zoo had shown interest in the takin as the authorities wanted to house as many animals from eastern Himalayas as possible.

Takins usually live in altitudes ranging from 3,300ft to 14,000ft and are found mostly in the eastern Himalayas and parts of China.

The Darjeeling zoo is internationally recognised for conservation breeding programmes of red panda, snow leopard and Tibetan wolf.

The zoo here currently boasts 21 red pandas. The sex of five red pandas has not yet been determined.

Established on August 14, 1958, the Himalayan Zoological Park was a joint venture between Union department of science and technology and Bengal’s education department. In 1975, then prime minister Indira Gandhi dedicated the zoo in memory of former Bengal governor Padmaja Naidu.

In 1993, the zoo was transferred to the Bengal forest department and is now recognised as among the best zoos in the country and is one of the must-visit points for tourists in Darjeeling.

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