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Lockdown diaries

Some well-known residents share with The Telegraph Salt Lake how they are spending time indoors
Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay

The Telegraph   |     |   Published 26.03.20, 06:39 PM

Dhrubajyoti Chattopadhyay

Vice-chancellor, Sister Nivedita University

Resident of: AE Block, New Town

Spending time: This forced break is making me learn how to implement distance education. But I am realising that student participation is higher in the online classes we are conducting. While the physical classes would have about 70 per cent attendance, here 90 per cent students are logging in. And they are more interactive here, asking questions, than they are in class. I am also meeting faculty members remotely to gather feedback. Today, for instance, there was a meeting with the chemistry department.

I am also filling up a diary presented by my two daughters which is titled Your Father’s Story and subtitled Dad, I Want To Know Everything About You. It has questions on each page which I am required to fill up.

I am also finding time for old hobbies like reading books. A book I am currently enjoying is an award-winning title called The Epic City byKushanava Choudhury. 


Joydeep Karmakar

Shooting champion and coach

Resident of: Rishi Ecoview, New Town

Spending time: I have started a Q&A session with students of my academy. They usually come during their slots, practise and leave. I cannot always give them individual attention. Now they are free to shoot any shooting-related query to me on my website which I am answering. I am indulging in my new hobby of photography. I am blessed with a view that includes colourful birds. I am also watching a lot of movies, listening to music. Without domestic help, I have also drawn up a utensil-washing duty-sharing roster for the family.

Last year, around this time we were touring France, England and Italy. As Facebook is throwing up those flashback posts, I feel all the more miserable to think what state they are in now.

Sriradha Bandyopadhyay


Resident of: CE Block

Spending time: I am sorely missing newspapers as we are not getting the supply. My morning ritual is solving crossword puzzles, which I am being denied as a result. So I am watching news on TV more than I usually do, trying to keep track of developments regarding the spread of the virus as also picking up ways to remain safe from infection. I am also re-reading old favourites like Tagore’s Sesher Kobita. And to keep my spirits up, I am singing more of Meerabai’s bhajans. Music works as spiritual therapy which is needed in such trying times. I am also frequently calling up friends and relatives, finding out how they are doing.

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