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PM Narendra Modi attacks TMC over corruption, sets target for Bengal BJP to win all 42 Lok Sabha seats

Addressing a public rally in Krishnanagar in Nadia district, Modi alleged Trinamul Congress means 'Tu, Main aur Corruption'

PTI Krishnagar Published 02.03.24, 12:36 PM
Narendra Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday stepped up the attack against the Mamata Banerjee government, labelling it as being synonymous with "oppression, dynasty politics, and betrayal" and claimed that the TMC has achieved a "mastery" in turning schemes into scams.

Speaking at a rally in Krishnanagar in Nadia district, Modi outlined an ambitious target for the BJP to win all the 42 Lok Sabha seats in the state, emphasising the essential correlation between West Bengal's progress and that of the nation.


He rallied supporters to "ensure the proliferation of the lotus", the electoral symbol of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), in every Lok Sabha constituency in the state.

Referring to the incidents in Sandeshkhali, where women have levelled charges of sexual abuse against TMC leaders, Modi accused the government of abandoning the aggrieved women and instead siding with the accused.

"People of West Bengal are disappointed by the way the state government is functioning. They have repeatedly given such huge mandates to the TMC with great expectations, but the party has become another name for tyranny, dynasty politics and betrayal. The TMC's priority is corruption and nepotism, not development of the state," he said.

Taking at dig, Modi articulated an acronym for the TMC, asserting it now epitomises 'Tu, Main, aur Corruption hi Corruption' (you, me, and corruption).

He lambasted the party for appropriating central schemes, branding those as their own, and fostering a culture of "graft and favouritism".

"The TMC has tainted the image of West Bengal. It has achieved mastery in turning every scheme into a scam. They put a sticker on central schemes and call it theirs. They don't hesitate in snatching from the poor and depriving them," he said.

Modi claimed that 'tolabaj' (extortionists) of the TMC "call the shots" in West Bengal and "wield undue influence in the state, obstructing the implementation of central schemes".

"In the coming years, the BJP will create innumerable opportunities for investments and employment in the country and the state. To ensure this, you must mark your contribution in the Lok Sabha elections by ensuring the victory of the BJP. The lotus (BJP party symbol) must bloom in all the 42 seats of West Bengal," he said.

Referring to the incidents in Sandeshkhali, Modi lamented the "state government's indifference to the pleas for justice from affected women".

"Despite invoking the slogan of 'Maa Mati Manush' (Mother, Land, People) for electoral gains, the TMC administration has failed to safeguard the well-being of mothers and sisters in West Bengal," he remarked.

He criticised the state's law enforcement, suggesting that criminals wield undue influence over the administration's decisions.

"The situation in West Bengal is such that the criminals, and not the police, decide when to get arrested," he alleged.

In an apparent reference to the arrest of Shajahan Sheikh, the main accused in the Sandeshkhali case, Modi said the state government did not want the culprit of Sandeshkhali to be arrested, "but when the women power of West Bengal stood up as Durga and the BJP workers stood with them, the state government was forced to bow down."

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