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Wrapper recalls CM in 2021 with fractured foot, football

Panchayat elections: Khela Hobe slogan now poll candy from Madhya Pradesh

Candy has gained immense popularity and Trinamul leaders and workers are buying packets of it

Kousik Sen Raiganj Published 03.07.23, 06:24 AM
A customer buys Khela Hobe candies at a shop in Raiganj.

A customer buys Khela Hobe candies at a shop in Raiganj. Kousik Sen

Amid political parties at loggerheads, the July 8 panchayat elections have found a sweet spot.

In the rural pockets of North Dinajpur, “Khela Hobe” (the game is on!), a catchy slogan coined by Trinamul ahead of the 2021 Assembly elections, has now made its appearance as candy.


Khela Hobe candies are selling in huge quantities ahead of the elections.

A confectionary firm based in Madhya Pradesh, a BJP-ruled state, has come up with the Khela Hobe candy. The name, coupled with the design in the tiny wrapper, has turned out to be a major draw for Trinamul leaders, workers and supporters.

The candy wrapper has the words Khela Hobe in Bengali, Hindi and English. Under the name, there is a photo of a woman’s feet, her white sari with a blue border visible. A football is seen below her left leg, which is plastered. The right foot is shod in a blue-white slipper.

“Even after suffering a fracture in her left leg before the 2021 polls, Didi (Mamata) showed rival parties they are far behind in the game. Anyone can relate to the name and photo on the candy’s wrapper. The confectionery company seems to have understood the candy’s potential,” said Arindam Sarkar, a vice-president of Trinamul in North Dinajpur.

“The Khela Hobe candy is immensely popular and Trinamul leaders and workers are buying packets of it. The name and design of the wrapper seem to attract them. The name matches the party’s slogan and song ahead of the Assembly polls,” said Parimal Dey, a wholesale merchant who deals in confectionary products in Raiganj.

Bunty Badlani, the owner of Khurafati Confectionary based in Indore, said they knew the Khela Hobe slogan was popular in Bengal.

“Earlier, we sold this candy under another name. But as we heard about Khela Hobe and its popularity in Bengal, we changed its name and design, keeping in mind the polls. Since then, we are getting steady orders from our Bengal distributors. Orders have gone up in recent weeks,” Badlani said over the phone.

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