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Who is the Pune teen, a 'bully' who thought he could get away with killing two people?

Son of a prominent Pune realtor who had an elaborate escape plan, the boy got bail in just 15 hours on the condition that he would write an essay

The Telegraph Online Published 27.05.24, 03:06 PM

Pune teen accused of killing two people.

On the intervening night of May 18-19, 2024, a 17-year-old boy went out with his friends to 'celebrate' his class 12 results. Allegedly under the influence of alcohol, he drove a Porsche car with no number plate on it at over 160 km per hour, ramming into a motorbike and killing two IT professionals.

Turns out that he's the son of a prominent realtor who had an elaborate escape plane. He got bail in just 15 hours under the condition that he would write an essay on road safety. But, following massive backlash, a juvenile court cancelled his bail.


Who is the minor and why did he think he could get away? Can he be tried as an adult for killing two people?

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