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Killer airport canopy collapse – no arrests, only mudslinging; deceased's family demands answers

While authorities were quick to blame excessive rainwater for the canopy collapses, engineers said heavy rain only aggravates the underlying structural instability.

The Telegraph Online Published 07.07.24, 11:42 AM

Engineers say heavy rain only aggravates underlying structural instability.

The video of a portion of Delhi’s IGI Terminal 1’s canopy collapsing on top of a cab, killing driver Ramesh Kumar, can terrify you to death! Similar incidents were reported from Jabalpur and Rajkot on June 27 and 28, respectively. While authorities established a link to heavy rainfall, the son of the cab driver alleged ‘criminal negligence on the part of the government’.

No arrests have yet been made and accountability is yet to be fixed. Authorities were quick to pin the blame on excessive rainfall and the ruling BJP in the centre accused the previous regime. But what about the probe into structural failures? Engineers claim heavy rain only aggravates the underlying structural instability. We delve into the lessons to learn from each of the three canopy collapses….

Video Producer: Mayank Chawla
Video Editor: Abhishek Sharma

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