Sleeping Habits
Science Tech  /  Published 03.05.22

How much sleep do you need?

Researchers say they found that seven hours of nap was best for cognitive performance and good mental health...
By Deutsche Welle

Lifestyle  /  Published 18.03.22

On World Sleep Day: Fantastic sleepers and where to find them

From power-nappers to blanket thieves — an ode to all the sleepers we have loved (and loathed)...
By Upasya Bhowal

News  /  Published 10.03.22

Covid deaths trigger sleep disorder among Kolkatans

Job loss, slump in business or health-related concern is wreaking havoc with people’s sleeping patterns, claims city doctor...
By Subhajoy Roy in Kolkata

Health  /  Published 08.12.21

Who let the dogs in?

Having a canine in the bedroom or bed can guarantee a sound sleep ...
By Tara Parker-Pope

Health  /  Published 21.07.21

Wake up, it’s time

Did Covid-19 mess with your sleep pattern? Well, don’t just accept it as normal. Here are some tips to beat coronasomnia ...
By Anahad O’Connor


Health  /  Published 30.12.20

Eat, Sleep, Repeat

What we consume has an impact on how we sleep and vice versa....
By Anahad O’Connor

Health  /  Published 29.10.19

Good night

Take a break from your digital devices before bedtime. Their blue-green light blocks the sleep hormone, melatonin...
By Kate Carraway/NYTNS

Technology  /  Published 24.03.19

Earbuds for blissful sleep

Unlike most other earbuds, the Sleepbuds can’t play music or any other form of audio from external devices...
By Prasun Chaudhuri

Opinion  /  Published 20.10.18

Do you sleep like Da Vinci or Nigella?

Are weird sleeping habits the domain of celebrities alone or should everybody find the sleep pattern that suits each constitution?...
By The Editorial Board

Health  /  Published 19.06.19

Recapture sleep without sleeping pills

Cognitive behavioural therapy is now considered the best treatment for insomnia, especially for older adults...
By Jane E. Brody/ New York Times News Service


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