Health  /  Published 01.07.20

Couples sleep better

Do you need better sleep? Then get a partner. New research says that when happy couples sleep together, they tend to have more — and less disrupted — rapid eye movement or REM sleep. This ...
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Health  /  Published 19.05.20

Answers to your health queries

Change your sheets oftenI have itchy patches on both my elbows. It was diagnosed as eczema. I was given an ointment for external application and an antihistamine to reduce the itching. The patches dis...
By Dr. Gita Mathai in

Health  /  Published 12.05.20

It could be your kidney

Q: I developed pain in my back. I eventually went to a nephrologist who found multiple cysts in both my kidneys.A: Polycystic kidneys can be hereditary. As the cysts enlarge they can cause pain, blood...
By Dr. Gita Mathai in

Health  /  Published 29.10.19

Good night

When my better angels are in charge of my schedule — instead of the insatiable gremlin that won’t get off Instagram — I end the day by starting my bedtime routine: lighting candles, eating early...
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Science  /  Published 02.02.20

Truth of sleep- tracking apps

For the last two weeks, I’ve added an extra step to my bedtime routine: strapping a computer around my wrist.Sleep tracking is still a nascent area that tech companies are experimenting with — one...
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Health  /  Published 28.03.20

How to get more sleep tonight

Many people spend their nights now tossing and turning, struggling to unglue from the constant scroll of coronavirus news updates.But, while there is no body or life hack to make you impervious to the...
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Books  /  Published 16.03.20

Holistic approach to a child’s sleep habits

Kerry Bajaj, the author of Sleep Baby Sleep and a sleep consultant for kids — from newborn to toddlers. Having studied infant and child sleep in the US, she is now a member of the Indian Society for...
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West Bengal  /  Published 13.03.20

Doctors prescribe sleep hygiene

Do not check your phone when you are in bed because its blue light hampers the sleep hormone, doctors said on Thursday while discussing healthy sleep habits. The doctors were speaking at an interactiv...
By Jhinuk Mazumdar in Calcutta

Health  /  Published 03.03.20

Tired? Here's what you can do to feel better

Everyone feels extremely tired at some point in time or the other but the fatigue may be real or perceived. Real fatigue occurs when despite the brain issuing commands to a muscle, it refuses to follo...
By Dr Gita Mathai in

Health  /  Published 06.02.20

Sleep key to muscle

During the day, all goes well. You hit the gym and keep an eye on what you are eating. Then you get busy at night with going out and meeting people and lose out on sleep. Don’t. Because you need sle...
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