World  /  Published 26.11.22

NASA spacecraft enters lunar orbit

The success of this mission could result in the return of humans to the lunar surface in 2025...
By Deutsche Welle

World  /  Published 22.11.22

Nasa craft's close shave with moon

Future mission involving the Orion spacecraft as well as a SpaceX vehicle will aim to land astronauts on the moon’s surface...
By Kenneth Chang in New York

Science Tech  /  Published 17.11.22

NASA: Webb catches fiery hourglass

The region’s most prevalent features, the clouds colored blue and orange in this representative-color infrared image, outline cavities created as material shoots away from the protostar and collides...
By Our Web Desk

World  /  Published 17.11.22

Nasa launches rocket to Moon

This flight, evoking the bygone Apollo era, is a crucial test for Nasa’s Artemis programme...
By Kenneth Chang in Florida

Science Tech  /  Published 21.10.22

IIT-Madras, NASA researchers study microbes on space station

A key finding is that a microbe that resides on the ISS, was found to be beneficial to various other microorganisms but hampered the growth of a fungus...
By PTI in Chennai


World  /  Published 15.10.22

SpaceX: 4 astronauts return to earth

Three Americans and one Italian returned in the capsule after a nearly six-month mission on the International Space Station...
By Deutsche Welle

World  /  Published 12.10.22

DART mission alters asteroid's orbit by 32 minutes

A NASA spacecraft that rammed into an asteroid did manage to alter the rock's trajectory...
By Deutsche Welle

World  /  Published 28.09.22

Nasa spacecraft crashes into asteroid

Scientists expect the impact to carve out a crater, hurl streams of rocks and dirt into space and, most importantly, alter the asteroid’s orbit...
By AP/PTI in Cape Canaveral

Science Tech  /  Published 27.09.22

Indian scientists hail NASA's DART mission

We are surrounded by several asteroids and comets that orbit our Sun. Very few of them are potentially hazardous to Earth: Scientist at the IIA, Bangalore...

Gallery  /  Published 27.09.22

Mission successful

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test spacecraft beamed back its final moments before colliding with the asteroid Dimorphos in an attempt to change its orbit, and the collision was captured by telescop...
By Our Web Desk


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