Books  /  Published 17.09.20

Two amphibians’ secret of togetherness

In the list of great friendships in children’s literature, Arnold Lobel’s Frog and Toad — they completed 50 years of togetherness recently — ought to sit right at the top. A cl...
By Srimoyee Bagchi in

Books  /  Published 15.09.20

The Heart Asks Pleasure First

Then she turns to him and in one swift move her T-shirt is off and in her hands, held out like an offering, like surrender. The cloth has caught around her wrists and cuffed her. Her body is the colou...
By The Telegraph in

Books  /  Published 11.09.20

In the chocolate river a savage beauty hides

Birthdays are usually considered fitting occasions for cake, which means that it would be apt to consume a slice — or, perhaps, all — of the legendarily decadent chocolate cake from M...
By Nayantara Mazumder in

Books  /  Published 10.09.20

The stubborn stain of patriarchy

This explains the rather enthusiastic endorsement by Scott of Avon, a global cosmetics company, that relies on person-to-person or door-to-door sales by its individual franchisees that has apparently ...
By Jayati Ghosh in

Books  /  Published 10.09.20

Soul lessons from an once 20-something self

Desperate to step out of the “skin of known associations”, sort out conflicting priorities and escape to another version of reality, Manjula rationalizes her desire for Piet and the need t...
By Sonia Sahoo in

Books  /  Published 10.09.20

A different kind of melody: Makers of the mrdangam

But Sebastian & Sons is much more than a mea culpa exercise in excavating the forgotten histories of the makers of the mrdangam; in his book, Krishna goes to great lengths to t...
By Samantak Das in

Entertainment  /  Published 10.09.20

Cargo: worth a watch

Cargo is a rather strange beast (largely, in a good sort of way), and a wholly original one. Film-maker Arati Kadav fashions a mostly watchable science-fiction film that doesn’t borrow from the ...
By Priyanka Roy  in

Books  /  Published 05.09.20

How Greg Heffley happened

Rowley has always been Greg’s sidekick whose character was never the hero who naughty kids would be inspired by. What led you to build him into a hero (literally!) and give him his own series? ...
By Shrestha Saha in

Books  /  Published 03.09.20

Making history with musical milestones

It’s about capturing the essence of the 1960s, which during his “guest appearance” Jerry Garcia voices towards the tail-end: “Every third or fourth generation is a generation o...
By Mathures Paul in

Books  /  Published 03.09.20

The wonder world of animal behaviour

The resultant trivia is not trivial. Even the discerning human may not know that the octopus is allergic to canoodling, simply because the males can end up as a tasty treat for the larger, aggressive ...
By Uddalak Mukherjee in


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