Big Bang
Science Tech  /  Published 28.03.22

Marcia J. Rieke on James Webb Space Telescope and more

Is that what brought you to MIT from Midland, Michigan? When I went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I thought I would become an astronaut. So I started out majoring in aeronautical engi...
By Mark A Stein

Science Tech  /  Published 13.12.21

Ready to fly

Back in the mid 1990s, I was primarily an onlooker at Nasa/Goddard when John Cromwell Mather was analysing the data of COBE (Cosmic Background Explorer) and planning his next great mission — nam...
By Sandip Kumar Chakrabarti

India  /  Published 30.08.21

Big Bang and cycle of creation & destruction

It was in the late fifties, still at school, we were all very excited about the new discoveries of the structure of the universe. Fred Hoyle, Dennis Sciama, Herman Bondi, Jayant Narlikar, and others a...
By Bikash Sinha

Opinion  /  Published 16.11.20

For Penrose, a big bang forever

I have known Roger Penrose closely for quite some time. He has been visiting Calcutta for more than 25 years. His involvement with Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity is intense; his ...
By Bikash Sinha

Science Tech  /  Published 08.11.20

Ends of earth wise

The year was 2019 — a time before protests and lockdowns — and I was leaving sunny Los Angeles, US, for the icy desert of Antarctica to set up a telescope that would observe light from the...
By Ritoban Basu Thakur

Science  /  Published 22.12.19

Cosmic gravy

As Christmas approaches, would-be chefs and hosts, including apparently my editors, are perfecting their techniques for making the all-important gravy for the turkey and potatoes.I have my moments as ...
By Dennis Overbye/NYTNS

Science  /  Published 14.03.19

83 supermassive black holes found in early universe

Astronomers have discovered 83 quasars powered by supermassive black holes 13 billion light-years away from the Earth, from a time when the universe was less than 10 per cent of its present age.'It is...
By PTI in Washington

Science  /  Published 17.03.19

The men behind the Nobel Prize winners

On March 7, with great fanfare, officials from the US National Science Foundation and UK Research and Innovation announced a $30 million project to double the sensitivity of the antennas for the Laser...
By New York Times News Service


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