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Science Tech  /  Published 02.08.21

Of rain, camera and photgraphy

The Apple Watch is expensive and though it’s supposed to take care of the elements, there’s always the issue of water droplets gathering around the speaker grille. Unlike on phones, here y...
By Mathures Paul

Science Tech  /  Published 30.06.21

It’s hip to be square with Apple Watch

There’s really no competition to the Apple Watch when it comes to a gadget dictating wardrobe choices. Splurging on the world’s most popular smartwatch is one part of the deal. And then co...
By The Telegraph

Science Tech  /  Published 21.06.21

Apps that help monitor breathing pattern

Ultrahuman: It is more of a guide that helps you stay fit, with its unique workout series, meditation and mindfulness courses. YogiFi: The app offers flexible and personalised programmes with daily m...
By Mathures Paul

Science Tech  /  Published 17.06.21

Apple announces watchOS8

If you are an iPhone user and you want a smartwatch, the choice is easy — get an Apple Watch. A powerful smartwatch is not just about hardware but how it integrates with the software. And just w...
By Mathures Paul

Science Tech  /  Published 09.06.21

WWDC21: Updates from the event

New notifications experience: Using on-device intelligence, notifications are arranged by priority, with the most relevant notifications rising to the top, and based on a user’s interactions wit...
By Mathures Paul


Science Tech  /  Published 24.05.21

Apple: new features for disabled users

Next, background sounds, which can be distracting and overwhelming. Apple is introducing Background Sounds that can be incorporated with other audio and system sounds, helping users focus, stay calm, ...
By Mathures Paul

Science Tech  /  Published 29.04.21

OnePlus Watch is wrist-friendly

Price: Rs 14,999 High notes • Excellent battery life • Sleek design • Runs smoothly Muffled notes • No third-party apps • Always-on display feature missing (will come v...
By Mathures Paul

Science Tech  /  Published 28.04.21

Apple Watch: key to unlocking iPhones

If you are an iPhone user, you must have already read about the privacy update on iOS 14.5, which now gives the option whether you want to be tracked or not by websites and apps. It’s a unique u...
By Mathures Paul

Science Tech  /  Published 23.02.21

Apple Watch: what makes it tick

“I’ve been using Apple Watch since Series 3, so that’s like since 2017. In the beginning I was getting used to tracking my move goals and tracking all the rings and seeing my heart r...
By Mathures Paul

Science Tech  /  Published 16.02.21

Apple watch: ‘Get Active India’ challenge

Get moving. One of the big features of the Apple Watch involves competing with friends via closing ‘activity rings’. Apple’s national distributors (Redington/Ingram) and Apple Author...
By Mathures Paul


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