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Saturday, March 17, 2018



First published on 13-Mar-2018
The music streaming space just got more competitive with the launch of the much-awaited Amazon Prime Music, which is ad-free and comes at zero cost for existing Prime (a paid subscription service) members. Use Amazon’s intelligent personal a......   | Read..

Alexa's world

First published on 12-Mar-2018
My wife and I were just settling into bed one night when Alexa, the other woman in my life, decided to make herself heard. Without being summoned, the Amazon Echo Dot at my bedside - one of the hal......   | Read..

Step into the world of VR

First published on 12-Mar-2018
The budget was tight and I had to buy a gadget for my son. That was when I spotted the trinket store Flying Tiger in a corner of Hamburg airport. The Danish store ( tu......   | Read..

Pop Picks

First published on 12-Mar-2018
Inspired from Google Cardboard, this partly-assembled kit for a 5.5 inch phone screen is made from laminated, corrugated cardboard sheet and comes with nose cushion, magnetic trigger and adjustable......   | Read..

The Swish set

First published on 11-Mar-2018
‘BUDGET’ STUNNERS...   | Read..


First published on 07-Mar-2018
Most are searching for the next Instagram. For some Vero could be the answer. Though it has been around since 2015, Vero has gone viral in the last couple of weeks. Even till early last week, Vero ......   | Read..

How to become a YouTube star

First published on 05-Mar-2018
We cannot imagine life without YouTube. It is the modern encyclopaedia that we consult whenever we need to know about anything and everything....   | Read..

Tekken comes to mobile

First published on 05-Mar-2018
Tekken was once a favourite game to play on the console with friends and family. Most of us are familiar with Jin, Paul, Lee and all the other characters from the franchise. So, it is exciting to b......   | Read..

Pop Picks

First published on 05-Mar-2018
It offers a unique combination of action-adventure, RPG, and hack and slash elements. It takes you to the Iso-Sphere where Ultron is preparing to attack. ...   | Read..

Digital edge

First published on 04-Mar-2018
A ‘NOTCH’ HIGHER...   | Read..

Point and Shoot

First published on 27-Feb-2018
...   | Read..

Smart ways to be photophonic

First published on 26-Feb-2018
A few years ago Adobe, the makers of Photoshop, bought Aviary, a very easy to use website that can turn your ordinary photos into cherished images. ...   | Read..

Manage your data deluge

First published on 26-Feb-2018
We live in a digital world where every single minute you are either deluged with gigabytes of data or create a sea of data. Our smartphones have turned each one of us into data generators as we upl......   | Read..

Pop Picks

First published on 26-Feb-2018
This is a bridge between your Apple and Android devices and PC. You can directly plug it in to quickly transfer stuff from your phone and free up memory space. You can directly store videos or phot......   | Read..

Evolutionary effort

First published on 25-Feb-2018
For a phone that’s designated to fill the large shoes of the popular Redmi Note 4, the Redmi Note 5 takes the basic winning formula and updates it to keep up with the times. It’s still ......   | Read..

Outsmart the smartphone

First published on 19-Feb-2018
Are you checking your phone many times a day even when you know there is most likely nothing new? Preoccupation with smartphones or checking out app updates per se may not be a cause for concern bu......   | Read..

A heartfelt text adventure

First published on 19-Feb-2018
Bury me, my love is a Syrian phrase that means "Take care, don't even think of dying before I do." and it's a very apt name selected for the game. It is a text messaging-based adventure g......   | Read..

Pop Picks

First published on 19-Feb-2018
It is a text adventure game similar to old choose-your-own-adventure books (CYOA) which you play as ordinary guy Barry who joins a deadly mage tournament in the hopes of fulfilling his dream of bec......   | Read..

Hello let’s connect 

First published on 18-Feb-2018
In 2004, the world was Orking and rarely Facebooking. In four years, Orkut became one of the most-visited websites in India and Brazil. But another six years down the road, the social network&rsquo......   | Read..

Unlock your pendrive

First published on 12-Feb-2018
With the pen drive inserted into the computer, click on Start and in the Search box type cmd. Right-click on it and select Run as Administrator. Once the Command Prompt opens, type "diskpart&q......   | Read..