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Sunday, February 18, 2018


Hello let’s connect 

First published on 18-Feb-2018
In 2004, the world was Orking and rarely Facebooking. In four years, Orkut became one of the most-visited websites in India and Brazil. But another six years down the road, the social network’s owner, Google, closed down the brainchild of Or......   | Read..

Unlock your pendrive

First published on 12-Feb-2018
With the pen drive inserted into the computer, click on Start and in the Search box type cmd. Right-click on it and select Run as Administrator. Once the Command Prompt opens, type "diskpart&q......   | Read..

Run, shoot and capture

First published on 12-Feb-2018
Mayhem, as its name says, throws as much action as can fit into a mobile screen, and then some more. It is a multiplayer side scrolling shooter that is good to look at and fun to play....   | Read..

Pop Picks

First published on 12-Feb-2018
Battle it out against friends in this action-packed real-time PvP multiplayer shooter game. Duke it out online in a thrilling arena or team up to climb the leaderboards. Recruit shotgunners, drones......   | Read..

Mid-range smarties

First published on 11-Feb-2018
Smartphones in the middle of the price band are now coming loaded with features...   | Read..


First published on 10-Feb-2018
New emojis on the way. Plus, the 9 most-liked Instagram snaps...   | Read..

Carvaan’s Bengali notes

First published on 09-Feb-2018
It’s not easy to market nostalgia. But Saregama has managed to cut through technical jargons to deliver a top-end device that gives one a feel of listening to Vividh Bharti. Carvaan, the digi......   | Read..

Innuendo, emojis and the generation gap

First published on 05-Feb-2018
We no longer say it with flowers. Nowadays we say it with emojis. But beware before you send one to somebody younger than you. An innocent fruit or vegetable may take on a whole new meaning and mak......   | Read..

Carry your music with you

First published on 05-Feb-2018
If you feel irritated with the cacophony from your smartphone or tablet while playing your favourite music - and hate earphones - it's time to get a Bluetooth speaker. This is a useful audio upgrad......   | Read..

Pop Picks

First published on 05-Feb-2018
This premium water-proof and shock-proof Bluetooth speaker with a built-in microphone is a beauty and it won the best design award in 2017....   | Read..

Net connect: Wired broadband is best

First published on 29-Jan-2018
Ever since I bought a Dell laptop with Windows 10, updating Windows has become a nightmare. It takes several hours over a Jio connection and I am often told that the update could not be installed. ......   | Read..

Shoot to survive 

First published on 29-Jan-2018
Since the dawn of the Survival Shooter genre with Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, many developers have tried to replicate its success on various platforms. Still Alive is one of those well-done succ......   | Read..

Pop Picks

First published on 29-Jan-2018
Described as "one of the best multiplayer experiences on mobile", it is a strategy game in which players have to battle each other using a mix of magic and technology. ...   | Read..

Xiaomi pips Samsung as India's top smartphone company, say analysts

First published on 25-Jan-2018
Chinese handset maker Xiaomi overtook Samsung to become the top player in the Indian smartphone market in the December quarter, ending the Korean company's six-year dominance, reports by Canalys an......   | Read..

Spring clean your Gmail inbox

First published on 22-Jan-2018
Is your inbox so inundated with email that looking for important mail from family, bank, mutual funds, or work is a time-consuming feat? Google has a cool way to easily organise your email in Gmail......   | Read..

When cards are weapons

First published on 22-Jan-2018
This new game for mobile devices looks like a Clash Royale version of South Park, but the unique story and flavour make it a much more fun experience, not just for fans of the series but for anyone......   | Read..

Pop Picks

First published on 22-Jan-2018
It stands out for the amount of freedom afforded to each player, thanks to the five-by-nine grid cards are summoned onto. Cards are only used to summon units, so Duelyst often feels more like a tac......   | Read..

The smart set

First published on 21-Jan-2018
Sennheiser HD 820 How do you take one of the most supremely designed pieces of audio gear, the Sennheiser HD 800, and make it better? ...   | Read..

Game on!

First published on 15-Jan-2018
It’s a prequel to the biggest and bestselling game of 2010, scooping every Game of the Year award under the sun. ...   | Read..

A better perspective

First published on 15-Jan-2018
The first thing that strikes you about Shadow Fight 3 is the shift from 2D silhouette graphics found in earlier versions of the game to smart 3D animation. This has brought colour and depth to the ......   | Read..