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  • Published 20.09.13

Q1 A report of which event held on August 11, 1854 was first published in Bengal Hurkura and India Gazette on August 14, 1854?


Q2 This place was originally called Barbakpur and the same name was found in many deeds. A higher secondary school still carries the old name. Which place is this in Bally?


Q3 Which transport service was opened on December 20, 1854 in Howrah?


Q4 Which market was named after Haramohini Debi, grandmother of Shib Gopal Bandyopadhyay, a wealthy businessman of Salkia?


Q5 This Scottish trader had established a huge export business in Calcutta in partnership with William Mackinnon and later established a dockyard in Howrah. His garden house near Golabari ghat was bought by the Jalan’s and a lane behind Golabari police station is named after him. Who was he?


Answers to this week’s questions

A1. Trial run of train between Howrah and Hooghly

A2. Barakpur

A3. Railway line from Howrah to Burdwan

A4. Haragunge Bazar


The correct answer to Q5 of September 13 quiz was Howrah House

The following people sent the correct answer

  • Poltoo Bhattacharya, Ramrajatala
  • Anupam Mukherjee, Salkia
  • Mahasweta Goswami, Uttarpara
  • Sudipta Kumar Munsi, Uttarpara
  • Subimal Kanti Roy, Uttarpara
  • Pabitra Panja, Bagnan
  • Jitendra Soni, Belur