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VIPs bring gifts for orphans

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 19.02.07

Lt Gen. K.S. Jamwal, general officer commanding-in-chief, Eastern Command, recently visited two stations of Trishakti Corps. This was his first visit after taking charge of the command.

He arrived at Binnaguri Military Station, along with Mala Jamwal, president, Army Wives’ Welfare Association (AWWA), Eastern Command, on February 6 to be received by Lt General C.K.S. Sabu, general officer commanding, Trishakti Corps, and Maj. General P.S. Bhalla, general officer commanding, Scimitar Division. While the general addressed all officers at the station, Mala Jamwal visited a vocational training centre there. The next day, Lt Gen. Jamwal, Mala Jamwal and Lt General Sabu visited Gangtok Military Station.

Funds pore in

The Binnaguri Orphanage has recently had a string of VIPs visiting it. Parts of it have also been rebuilt and given a fresh coat of paint.

Lt General Jamwal and Mala Jamwal visited the orphanage on February 6 with the AWWA Eastern Command president donating a cheque for Rs 20,000.

The orphanage is funded by the Bengal government’s social welfare department and run by Kripadarshan Buddhist Mission with voluntary support from the army. Lt Gen. Sabu, and Sheel Sabu, president, AWWA, Trishakti Corps, visited it on February 2. Sheel Sabu gave blankets, durries, sweets and a cheque for Rs 10,000 to the orphanage.

Troops of the Scimitar Division recently rebuilt the verandah, bathrooms, classrooms and the roof of the orphanage. They also renovated the playground and gave the orphanage a fresh coat of paint. On the other hand, Jaswinder Kaur Bhalla, president, AWWA, Scimitar Division, and other members, distributed clothes and mattresses among the children.

Visit to Prerna

Sheel Sabu, along with other AWWA functionaries, visited Prerna Education Centre in Siliguri on February 12. She interacted with the staff and the challenged children and distributed foodgrain, sweets and presents.

Raising Day

The Corps of Signals (Information Warriors) celebrated their 96th Raising Day on February 15 with various events, including a special sainik sammelan, a social evening and a Pagal Gymkhana and Barakhana.