The men who died young

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By The Telegraph Online
  • Published 24.11.06

The death toll in the Wednesday morning fire at 33C Topsia Road stood at 10 till late on Thursday. Police struggled to identify eight of the victims and piece together some basic information on them:

• Zia-ul Halder
27 years old, from Sangrampur village, in South 24-Parganas

• Gulam Murtaza
18 years old, from Diamond Harbour, in South 24-Parganas

• Abdul Halim Halder
22 years old, from Natra, in Diamond Harbour

• Nayan Sheikh
18 years old, from Malehati, in Murshidabad

• Krishno Mistry
23 years old, from Usthi, in Diamond Harbour
(The families of Nayan and Krishno are laying claim to one body, charred beyond recognition, at Kantapukur morgue. The dispute will be resolved by a DNA test on Friday afternoon)

• Mintoo Mondal
28 years old, from Baduria, in North 24-Parganas

• Hafizul Gazi
24 years old, from Uttar Radhanagar, in South 24-Parganas

• Kalo Babu Lashkar
16 years old, from Diamond Harbour

Police said they were all from landless families in Bengal, toiling away in the confines of illegal bag-manufacturing units in Topsia-Tiljala for years