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Teen gang-raped twice in Madhyamgram

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  • Published 29.10.13

A 16-year-old girl was allegedly gang-raped twice in two days in Madhyamgram: once after a man conned her out of home and later when she dared to lodged a police complaint.

The daughter of a taxi driver, who came to Madhyamgram about three months ago from her ancestral house in Bihar along with her parents, was helping her mother in household chores around 10pm on Saturday when a young man knocked on the door of their rented house.

It was raining hard that day and many parts of Calcutta and its adjoining areas were flooded.

The man, a recent acquaintance though she didn’t know his name, allegedly told the girl that her father was at a nearby tea stall and had sent him to fetch her.

He did not give any reason why her father had called her, she alleged.

The girl told police that she went out and started walking with the youth towards the tea stall, about 200 yards from her home. Barely a few steps later, five-six young men surrounded her and took her to a house in the locality, an officer said, quoting the victim.

“They covered my face with their hands and I couldn’t see where they were taking me,” the girl alleged.

“After I was pushed inside a room, they pounced on me. I could not bear the torture and fell unconscious.”

The parents scoured the neighbourhood throughout the night and found her in a nearby field on Sunday morning. The alleged rapists had dumped her there.

“We took her home and were shocked when she narrated her plight after regaining consciousness,” the girl’s father alleged.

“She was not in a position to stand up and go to Madhyamgram police station. By late afternoon, she felt better and we decided go to the police station,” he added.

They turned up at Madhyamgram police station and lodged a complaint in the evening.

On the way back around 8.30pm, the same assailants stopped the cycle-van on which they were travelling. They abducted the girl after pushing the father on to the road.

She was allegedly taken to Madhyamgram railway station but people noticed the girl being dragged towards the tracks.

They chased away the abductors and rescued the teenager.

“We were returning home on a cycle-van and the men intercepted it when we reached a dark stretch of the Madhyamgram-Badu Road with mango trees on both sides. One of them pushed me and I fell from the van. They dragged my daughter and forced her onto an autorickshaw and drove off towards Madhyamgram,” the father recounted the nightmare on Monday.

In her statement to the police, the girl said she was taken to a place that she could not identify and forcibly dragged her into a taxi.

“I was raped again inside the taxi and lost my strength to shout. I cried but it was too feeble to draw anybody’s attention. The windows of the taxi were rolled up, too,” the girl alleged.

Soon after, she was taken to the tracks near Madhyamgram station. “Somehow, I gathered my strength and started shouting. Some people saw us and chased the men. Sensing trouble, they fled,” she added.

The people took the girl to the government railway police at the station. “We have registered a case of gang rape and abduction on the basis of the girl’s statement. We are searching for seven men. They are absconding,” said Tanmay Roy Choudhury, superintendent of police, North 24-Parganas.

Madhyamgram, on the northern fringe of the city, is about 8km from Calcutta airport and 3km from Barasat that had recorded a series of crimes against women recently.

In June, a college student in Kamduni village of Barasat was raped and murdered by a group of men when she was returning home.

In 2011, Madhyamik examinee Rajib Das was stabbed to death when he tried to resist a group of youths from molesting his sister.